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20 May, 2019 16:45

Russian students come clean over fake boob-detecting robot from viral video

Russian students come clean over fake boob-detecting robot from viral video

A robot, developed by Russian engineering students and possessing the extraordinary talent of distinguishing between real and fake breasts, is nothing but a ruse, the media students behind the viral prank have admitted.

The video, released by journalism students of Kazan Federal University (KFU) on the Univer TV student media channel last week, kept viewers abreast of an exciting breakthrough discovery by some of the university’s fourth year engineering graduates.

Sporting lab coats, the eggheads claimed to have developed a high-tech robot that could one day detect breast cancer. But for now, the robot could detect if the woman being examined had real or silicone breasts, with a 95 percent accuracy. The clip then shows all the interesting parts of the procedure, with the “engineers” apologizing to the topless women being examined for it being cold, assuring them that their sacrifice “is for science.”

The risqué nature of the clip coupled with the noble scientific endeavor of the “scientists,” resulted in the clip going viral, with the original video raking up over 128,000 views since being released. However, while the robot used in the clip was a real one belonging to KFU’s engineering department, it was not developed to give mammograms or detect boob jobs.

KFU and Univer TV’s officials have since admitted that the video released online was “fake material” but have let the students escape without any punishment. “This is trash, for fun, a viral video,” said Leonid Tolchinsky, who heads the university’s journalism and media school. He added that the buzz created by the clip could help stir a conversation around issues like breast cancer and examinations.

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It’s not the first time a “fake” robot has caused a stir in Russia. Last December, a “hi-tech” android called Boris was mistakenly reported to have wowed audiences with its ability to walk, talk, and even dance in a human-like fashion. However, this later turned out to be false as Boris was none other than a man in a $3,800 suit that gave the “near total illusion” of a real robot.

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