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12 Apr, 2019 22:12

WATCH Russian special forces clash with ISIS terrorists in Siberian city

WATCH Russian special forces clash with ISIS terrorists in Siberian city

Eyewitness footage of the Russian special forces' raid on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants in the Siberian city of Tyumen shows a house turn into a raging fireball as bursts of automatic gunfire rock the area.

In the video filmed by onlookers, apparently from a window in a building near where the anti-terrorist operation took place, long bursts of gunfire can be heard in the dark. Shortly after, the house with suspected terrorists inside is engulfed in flames. A dog can be heard whimpering in the background, scared by the shots.

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The locals who the filmed apparent climax of the anti-terrorist raid say the building is believed to be a large, privately-owned cottage.

In the wake of the raid, the Russian anti-terrorism squad reported that they averted an imminent ISIS attack on a public place in the city, eliminating two militants who refused to lay down their weapons. The terrorists were killed in the shootout.

The scene of the operation was plunged in total darkness, as seen in the video, because power was shut down in the neighborhood for the duration of the raid, local resident Maksim Slutsky said. He told RT that he saw heavy police presence and about 30 law enforcement vehicles parked at a nearby school, which served as the staging area for the takedown.

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