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5 Mar, 2019 13:00

‘My breast milk will freeze’: Russian woman goes ice skating in SWIMSUIT (VIDEO)

‘My breast milk will freeze’: Russian woman goes ice skating in SWIMSUIT (VIDEO)

A young woman stunned bystanders in Russia as she strutted around an outdoor ice skating rink in nothing more but a swimsuit – before sprinting away and saying that her breast milk was ‘freezing.’

The unusual skater was filmed in the snowy surroundings of Dzerzhinsk in western Russia. Despite the chilly temperature outside, she was sporting only a one-piece black swimsuit and a pair of wooly white mittens.

“Okay, it’s time to go now. Or my breast milk will freeze. I’m a breastfeeding mother – in case some of you didn’t know,” she proclaimed before skating away.

The woman later told reporters that she was out for a photoshoot with a friend. She said that it took years to train her body for cold weather – by walking in the snow barefooted and bathing in icy water.

Her antics drew mixed reactions on social media. Some commenters accused the scantily-clad skater of being an irresponsible mother, saying that she should “look after the kids” more, instead of fooling around. “Don’t joke like that. We have good antibiotics now but with pneumonia – who knows…,” one wrote.

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Others praised the woman’s cheerful attitude to life. “Such a super-positive beauty!” one person wrote. Another jokingly noted that it would be “hotter” on the streets sooner if more women followed suit.

There were also suggestions that the whole thing may be a cheap “PR stunt,” with some people saying that the woman “was ready to do anything for ‘likes’” and was in it “just for the hype.”

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