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30 Jan, 2019 16:38

Iron brawl: 'Fighting' tractors caught on VIDEO in Moscow

Iron brawl: 'Fighting' tractors caught on VIDEO in Moscow

Three tractors were filmed behaving very strangely in the snow-covered Russian capital. Were they really fighting, just fooling around, or had one of them got stuck and needed help? Watch the VIDEO and decided for yourself!

A blue tractor can be seen shoving his immobile counterpart with his scoop in the footage. It tries approaching from several directions, but achieves no result. Suddenly, a bigger yellow tractor with a siren on top arrives and uses its power to push the stuck vehicle out of the frame.

The rare scene caused a heated debate online as users of the Russian VK.com social network tried to figure out what was going on.

“They’re fighting for territory,” one of the commenters suggested. Another wondered who was going to pay for repairs after the brawl, adding that the drivers should’ve just got out and settled their differences in hand-to-hand combat.

Stop fighting and start clearing the snow!

Some found a lot of similarities between the video and the ‘Transformers’ movie franchise. “Well, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee aren’t what they used to be anymore,” one of the users remarked.

“It’s Animal Planet and you see tractors in their natural habitat,” another comment read.

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Of course, a more rational explanation was suggested by many users who pointed out that one tractor had simply got stuck in the snow, and the others were there to rescue it.

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