WATCH Russia firing off upgraded nuke interceptor

WATCH Russia firing off upgraded nuke interceptor
The Russian military has tested a short-range missile meant to defend Moscow from nuclear Armageddon. Video of the test launch conducted in Kazakhstan was published by the Defense Ministry.

The interceptor tested at the Sary-Shagan test range is apparently the replacement of the 53T6 anti-ballistic missiles, which serve as part of an ABM shield protecting the Russian capital. The video released by the ministry on Saturday shows a characteristic transport-launch container of the projectile being loaded from a transport vehicle to a launcher and placed inside a silo before launch.

The Moscow anti-missile shield includes several long-range interceptors and dozens of short-range interceptors, which are meant to stop incoming ICBM warheads with aerial nuclear explosions.

The 53T6s, however, are approaching expiry date and need replacing. The Russian military decided that the necessary restocking of the silos is a good opportunity to place a more capable rocket into service.

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