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27 Feb, 2024 12:07

Instagram’s OnlyFans breastfeeding loophole exposed (PHOTOS)

An increasing number of influencers are bypassing Meta’s nudity display restriction policy to promote adult content
Instagram’s OnlyFans breastfeeding loophole exposed (PHOTOS)

Instagram users have started to complain about the platform’s algorithm showing an increasing number of “breastfeeding” videos in their recommended feeds, noting that many of the women in these clips appear to be OnlyFans models trying to advertise their paid content.

While Meta, the owner of Instagram and Facebook, does not allow explicit content or nudity on its platforms, its community guidelines make an exception for images and videos related to “breastfeeding, birth-giving and after-birth moments, health-related situations (for example, post-mastectomy, breast cancer awareness or gender confirmation surgery) or an act of protest.”

However, Instagram users have reported a recent influx of “disturbing content” being served up in their feeds, including underage girls, fetish videos, and OnlyFans models promoting their channels while ‘breastfeeding’ what appear to be toy babies.

“There’s no educational footage” in these videos, one Reddit user said, reporting that he had blocked some 20 OnlyFans promotion accounts in just one day.

Dozens of other users have also shared similar experiences, describing videos of women breastfeeding dolls and fake babies with captions like “18-year-old breastfeeding” or “breast-feeding tutorials.”

One Reddit user claimed to have reached out to one of the creators behind these videos, criticizing her for posting breastfeeding videos, to which the model allegedly responded by stating that “people are completely overreacting.”

“It’s not a real baby and it’s simply a prop used to expose the Instagram loophole. Lastly, in the week that l’ve started posted these videos, my OnlyFans earnings have gone up to 60k a month so clearly not everyone agrees with you,” the unnamed OnlyFans model allegedly said.

Many users have also claimed that reporting such content or using Instagram’s “not interested” feature does not seem to have an effect on the algorithm, which continues to recommend unwanted videos. 

One solution to prevent these videos from popping up in the feed, as recommended by several users, has been to adjust the app’s privacy settings to show less sensitive content, blacklist certain keywords in the “specific words and phrases,” and to ‘like’ and search for content that is enjoyable in order to train the the algorithm.