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15 Feb, 2024 21:07

Megan Fox upset at ‘looking like a Ukrainian sex doll’

Amid a backlash from Ukrainian Instagram users, the actress told her detractors to “let a girl make a joke for f**ks sake”
Megan Fox upset at ‘looking like a Ukrainian sex doll’

American actress Megan Fox has whipped up social media outrage by complaining that she looked like “a Ukrainian blowup doll” in a low-quality photograph. The ‘Transformers’ star was accused of “xenophobia and misogyny towards Ukrainians.”  

Fox posted a photo of herself and fiance Machine Gun Kelly along with pop starTaylor Swift and Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce to Instagram on Wednesday. In the accompanying caption, Fox joked that the “shadowy cell phone pic” made her look “like a Ukrainian blowup doll. when in REALITY i look like one of those super expensive silicone real sex dolls you can only get in Japan.”

Among more than 18,000 commenters were a legion of angry Ukrainians. “Come to Ukraine and see what Ukrainian women are…to realize what a catastrophic disrespectful shame [you have] just written,” one Ukrainian woman thundered. 

“Is xenophobia and misogyny towards Ukrainians okay for you? For normal people they are not,” another wrote.

Replying to one woman who called her comment “very rude,” Fox wrote: “Dear God. That is NOT what I meant. Ukrainian women are hot af and so in my imagination the blowup dolls would also be hot. Let a girl make a joke for f**ks sake.”