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Infowars provocateur Alex Jones released an arcade-style video game called New World Order Wars based on his political escapades on Thursday.

Players get to “save the world from the evil globalists’ plot to turn everyone into bug-eating pod-dwelling libtards,” according to the game’s website, which promises fans a chance “for the first time in history” to “experience the world through Infowars leader Alex Jones’ eyes and see the WAR he fights!

In the role of Jones, players square off against monsters based on the conspiracy theorists favorite nemeses, including billionaire currency speculator George Soros (“Nazi Dragon”), former US President Bill (“The Rapist”) Clinton and and wannabe-president Hillary (“Crooked Witch of the West Wing”) Clinton, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (“Big Tech Lizardnerd,” complete with a hammer labeled “thought police” and jailed Trump fans), in game clips featured on the website.

Another screenshot shows Jones doing battle with a cluster of rainbow-colored frogs, reminding the viewer that “they are turning the friggin’ frogs gay!” and “only Alex Jones can stop this madness and restore balance in the Brain Force.

Billed as the “ultimate retro nostalgia throwback game,” NWO Wars costs the user a patriotic $17.76 and is playable on PC, Mac, iOS and Android systems. AlexJonesGame.com claims it has already been downloaded 10,000 times.

The game was developed by SVGS, which according to its website is the “leading free-speech-inspired game development studio, ready to create monumental games for influential figures who tackle serious worldly issues.” The company purports to fight cancel culture and protect privacy. 

In a nod to his deplatforming woes, Jones urges fans to download the game sooner rather than later – “because as we all know, anything badass gets censored” – after letting out a prolonged yell. 

Jones still owes over $1.5 billion to family members of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and an FBI agent after two juries and a judge meted out the hefty punishment for Infowars’ promotion of claims that the shooting did not take place. The families blamed Jones’ broadcasts for the stalking, harassment and death threats they allegedly endured from his followers.

The conservative commentator, who filed for bankruptcy in December, has been raising money from his followers since the rulings to pay for his legal expenses, having vowed to appeal the decisions against him. However, he faces yet another lawsuit by some of the Sandy Hook families, who claim he hid millions of dollars in assets to avoid having to pay it out to them.