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17 Jan, 2023 21:10

Kanye West’s lawyers to use one simple trick to ditch him – media

Big law firm has reportedly been unable to reach the rapper and is now considering running ads to say they're finished with him
Kanye West’s lawyers to use one simple trick to ditch him – media

A legal firm representing Kanye ‘Ye’ West has reportedly been considering announcing the end of its relationship with the embattled rapper in a very public way – by running media ads to tell him so. The move, considered by Greenberg Traurig, was first reported by outlet AllHipHop over the weekend.

The company has sustained "a breakdown in communication" with West and has been unable to reach him to let him know it was done representing the music icon following his anti-Semitic remarks, the outlet reported, citing legal documents it obtained. The lawyers are now examining "alternative means" to reach the rapper, including running ads in two LA-based newspapers, as well as publishing a court withdrawal order.

"Given Ye’s public status, publication of the Withdrawal Order will likely garner significant media attention, resulting in a broader publication and providing an even greater likelihood of apprising Ye of the Order," the documents read, as quoted by the outlet.

Greenberg Traurig has been representing West in a court battle over a copyright infringement case, yet opted to ditch the rapper following his string of explosive interviews late last year.

The interview binge culminated with West’s appearance on the Infowars show, hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, where the rapper said he "likes" Adolf Hitler and generally urged people to "stop dissing Nazis," who purportedly had "done good things too."

Shortly before his memorable Infowars performance, the embattled rapper announced that he would be making another run for the US presidency in 2024. He ran for office back in 2020, but conceded after receiving only about 50,000 votes.