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14 Mar, 2022 12:11

Australian PM unveils logo for the new ‘Women’s Network’ and it looks oddly phallic

‘Satire is dead’ say critics after Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet use a penis-logo for their new gender equality program
Australian PM unveils logo for the new ‘Women’s Network’ and it looks oddly phallic

Australia’s Prime Minister and Cabinet have revealed the logo for their new ‘Women’s Network’ - which is intended to promote gender equality - and the internet is having a field day, as many can’t help but notice the design’s striking resemblance to a penis.

‘The Women’s Network’ is one of a number of new networks introduced within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, all of which have similar logos using long bars with rounded corners and varying color schemes.

A description of the network claims it “champions equal opportunity on behalf of its members and is an inclusive volunteer-based organization built by members, for members.”

“The Women’s Employee Network promotes gender equality and supports members to succeed in their personal professional lives. The network priorities are founded on driving cultural change and encouraging men to drive this cultural change, particularly in areas where men can make a significant contribution,” the description reads.

However, it doesn’t seem anybody is paying attention to the intended purpose of the new network, with social media users squarely focused on the poor logo choice. 

The phallic design had many questioning if it was even real, only to learn that this is indeed what the PM&C thought would best represent a network for promoting women.

Australia’s National Older Women’s Network responded to the design by saying “I thought this was satire, but it is either thoughtless or an insult. Public money was spent getting a graphic artist, choosing the designing, selecting colours, approving, printing and publishing this logo for the Prime Minister’s and Cabinet’s Women’s Network. Poor messaging.”

Meanwhile, a completely separate organization with a similar name - ‘Women’s Network Australia’ - issued a statement about the logo, urging people not to confuse the two networks.

“WNA is in no way affiliated or associated with “The Women’s Network” being promoted by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, or the logo for this group, which has attracted criticism. The WNA logo is trade marked and there should be no confusion with this government logo. There is no connection between our organisation and the PM&C network,” they wrote.

At the time of writing the PM&C seem to have deleted the logo from their website following the backlash, but no official statement or response has been given yet.