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Conservatives have lambasted Showtime over a new docu-series, claiming it gives an anti-white slant to race relations in the US. 

Promising to “give white America a black eye,” the documentary ‘Everything’s Gonna be All White’ premieres this Friday, but outraged commentators have already slammed its trailer as “racist anti-white propaganda.”

The trailer, which was released last Tuesday, opens with actress Amanda Seales declaring: “I think what annoys me most about white people is when they pretend that they’re the victim. What’s also annoying is when they, you know, when they kill us.”

From there, the trailer features black and minority academics and celebrities condemning white people for a variety of sins. “Whiteness” is defined as a form of “ignorance,” whites living today are blamed for their ancestors’ involvement in the slave trade, Civil War monuments are described as “mementos of racism,” and white people are portrayed as “the problem.”

According to a writeup on TV Line, the show also features “edifying interviews with comedic actress Margaret Cho, journalist Jemele Hill, author Ibram X. Kendi, historian Dr. Nick Estes, and rappers Roxanne Shante, Styles P and Willie D.” Of these names, Kendi’s is perhaps the most widely known, with the “antiracist” author a leading proponent of so-called ‘critical race theory’ in the US.

“Conservatives: we’re in a scary new world,” JD Vance, a US Senate candidate from Ohio, tweeted. Describing the series as “ethnomasochism,” former Trump administration official Darren Beattie declared that “the people who created this are a far greater threat to the well-being of real Americans than the Chinese or the Russians.”

“The US is the only country in the world that not only demonizes its core demographic, but encourages and celebrates that demonization,” writer Pedro Gonzalez added. “It won't stop until white people demand that it stops.”

While YouTube’s dislike function is disabled by default, by installing a browser extension one can see how many dislikes a video has garnered. At time of writing, the trailer for ‘Everything’s Gonna be All White’ has received 1,300 likes and more than 35,000 dislikes.