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WikiLeaks has announced the upcoming release of an NFT collection titled ‘Censored,’ in collaboration with the anonymous artist ‘Pak’. The funds are supposed to go towards helping free their co-founder Julian Assange from prison.

WikiLeaks teased the project back in January with a cryptic Twitter post which said, “J x O. One thousand.” This week, WikiLeaks and Pak released more information on the project, revealing that it would be called ‘Censored’ and was inspired by Assange, but would apply to everyone.

“It consists of two parts, a dynamic 1/1 and a dynamic open edition, for you all to participate. It will be here on February 7th,” announced Pak last weekend.

WikiLeaks confirmed the launch date in a series of tweets this week.

The proceeds from the project will be used to help free Assange from London’s maximum security Belmarsh Prison – where he is currently fighting attempts to have him extradited to the United States to face espionage charges over his journalism – according to the International Business Times (IBT).

NFTs – or packets of data which are stored on the blockchain – can contain any type of data, including art, and have become extremely popular in recent years. Pak is the name of an anonymous designer (or a team of designers), technologist, programmer and digital creator active for nearly a decade. Pak’s previous NFT project ‘Merge’ broke records for the largest art sale by a living artist, with the NFTs selling for a whopping $91.8 million in December.