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Former Twitch star, now YouTube streamer Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino was caught robbing his fans of half a million dollars through a shady crypto scheme he set up. After being outed by a fellow YouTuber who hunts down scammers and fraudsters, Denino said he was just “looking out for himself” and won’t be returning any of the money.

Paul Denino already had a shady track record before this latest crypto scam. He was once a prominent Twitch streamer in the mid-2010s, and was notorious for his dicey stunts, which ultimately got him permanently banned from the platform after he orchestrated the swatting of an American Airlines flight by calling in a bomb threat. 

Since 2020, Ice Poseidon has been streaming on YouTube, and at one point announced a crypto project called CxCoin which was intended to allow content creators to receive cryptocurrency donations. He encouraged his fans to invest in the platform, but shortly thereafter pulled the rug out and made off with half a million dollars, allegedly buying a Tesla car with the stolen money.

The CxCoin scheme was revealed by YouTuber Coffeezilla, who makes it his job to investigate various scams and frauds. He published a 23-minute video detailing Denino’s transgressions and even featured an interview with the streamer.

When confronted about the issue by Coffeezilla, who pointed out that the streamer was essentially stealing from people who were less well off than him, Ice Poseidon replied that it was “a s**tty way to put it.”

“Part of the responsibility is on [the fans] as well for putting too much emotion into it,” Ice Poseidon said. “Nobody deserves [to get ripped off]. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself.”

During their chat, Denino told Coffeezilla that he had no intention of returning the money since he was simply “looking out for himself,” but some time later, he announced he would reluctantly return $155,000 to the liquidity pool. However, as reported later by Coffeezilla, Ice Poseidon ultimately gave back just $47,000, pocketing the rest.