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After prominent right-wing YouTuber ‘TheQuartering’ posted a tweet criticizing Netflix’s ‘The Witcher,’ showrunner Lauren Hissrich replied and, surprising many, engaged in a long and friendly banter with the critic.

It’s something that rarely happens on Twitter, where most people dare not stray out of their echo chambers, but ‘Witcher’ showrunner Lauren Hissrich has proven to be one of the more open-minded creatives out there, as she engaged in friendly banter with Jeremy ‘TheQuartering’ Hambly, shocking many users, who did their utmost to dissuade the two sides from engaging.

The exchange began after Hambly posted his thoughts on the second season of ‘The Witcher’ saying it wasted Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt, and focused too much on “strong independent wahmen who don’t need no man.” Hissrich replied by saying she was ‘the strong independent woman’ who’s to blame for his sadness.

But surprisingly, what followed wasn’t an exchange of the usual insults and denouncements, but rather a friendly exchange of questions and lighthearted banter. 

Hissrich said she would like to make herself known as a real person, instead of a faceless “hysterical-attacking-liberal-SJW woman.”


She went on to ask TheQuartering about what he does and who his audience is. 



While many of Hissrich’s followers immediately started warning her about the supposed dangers of ‘engaging with sexist trolls’ she insisted on continuing the conversation in order to prove that people with different opinions don’t necessarily have to treat each other like trash.

While Hissrich and Hambly both acknowledged they are unlikely to become actual friends, and will probably never align politically, their exchange highlighted the importance of being able to engage in discussion without resorting to toxicity and harassment. 


Hissrich closed out the conversation by stating she remains who she is, but is open to friendly discussions and hopes these will continue.