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Amouranth has been revealed as a founding member of a new sex-positive digital platform launched by Playboy.

Playboy has launched its new streaming platform, ‘Centerfold’. The service is being marketed as a sex-oriented platform where creators can directly interact with viewers who pay a subscription fee. Headed by musician and founding creative director Cardi B, Centerfold is the latest competitor to OnlyFans. 

In addition to Cardi B and Amouranth, Centerfold already features other media creators, porn stars, drag queens, models, and several Playmates. The service officially launched on December 20, just a few weeks after Amouranth was officially revealed as a Playboy bunny. 

Amouranth initially rose to fame through her content on Twitch. The platform is primarily intended for gaming streams, but many female creators like Amouranth eventually started drawing in viewers with somewhat different content, becoming known more for their looks than their gaming skills. Amouranth’s streams in particular have grown considerably more provocative, which has resulted in her getting banned multiple times on the platform, with most of the suspensions being issued due to ‘sexually suggestive’ content. 

Since amassing a substantial following, Amouranth has dipped her toe into a series of projects and investments, like gas stations and visa stock. She’s also taken her content to several other platforms, including OnlyFans, where she claims she is the number one channel in the world and has reportedly made over $200,000 off of just one topless video. 

Now that she is a founding member of Centerfold, it’s unclear if the Playboy partnership will mean content produced by Amouranth and other creators will become exclusive to the service, and whether or not they will have to give up their OnlyFans accounts.