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With Daniel Craig quitting, the beloved 007 agent could soon be someone who does not identify as strictly male or female, the producer behind the spy movie franchise has revealed.

Speaking on the Girls On Film podcast, Barbara Broccoli, who controls the 007 franchise, touched on the search for an actor who would replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, and confirmed that it would certainly not be a female actress. The producer argued that it would be wrong to make “films where women are playing men,” adding that instead of having female actresses fill in male roles, “we should be making more films about women.

However, this very same conversation, which was released on Friday, took a somewhat surprising turn when the host asked Broccoli if a non-binary actor could one day become the new James Bond. The producer replied: “Who knows? I mean, I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor.” Broccoli also dropped a hint about the skin color of the future James Bond, saying that while the actor will have to be British, “British, as we know, can be many things.

People who feel like they do not fall under either the male or female category are referred to as ‘non-binary’. This is an umbrella term, with no strict definition as to how those individuals identify in terms of gender. Many ‘non-binary’ people prefer to be addressed as “they” or “them.

James Bond, the fictional British MI6 agent, made his first appearance back in 1962 and has since attracted a large following of fans worldwide, spawning some 27 movies to date. Daniel Craig, who starred in the last five James Bond movies, announced in November 2019 that he would be quitting the role after starring as the MI6 agent in ‘No Time To Die’, which was released in September this year.