Gorbachev moots global convention against terrorism

Gorbachev moots global convention against terrorism
Ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has called for the UN to adopt an anti-terrorist pact with obligatory participation of all member-nations, saying only a joint effort of the whole international community would defeat the threat of terrorism.

It is necessary to pass a Security Council resolution with a demand for all states to join this anti-terrorist pact. Every nation must answer the terrorists’ challenge,” Gorbachev was quoted as saying by Interfax on Wednesday.

The ex-Soviet leader suggested such a move should be completed in the shortest time possible.

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He added that the universal ban on supplying weapons to illegal armed groups was the first thing that should be included in the pact. Another important part of future convention would be that all nations that sign must withdraw support to forces that conduct armed struggles against any government in the world.

Earlier, Gorbachev told reporters that he personally considered political methods of fighting terrorism a priority, but once they prove futile, military and security services must solve the problem by force.