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6 May, 2013 08:02

West ‘fomenting a proxy war’ in Syria

Israel’s recent attack on Damascus and the talk of ‘red lines’ over alleged use of chemical weapons by government forces is part of a broader plan by the West to foment war in the region.

That is according to Charlie McGrath, founder of the news website wideawakenews.com. He told RT of the early signs seen and the PR tactics used to manufacture that war. Moreover, with the decision by the West to arm the Syrian rebels now on the horizon, while the same rebels are still terrorizing Iraq and Afghanistan, McGrath paints a very grim picture.

RT:It's been suggested Israel is targeting Hezbollah terrorists - why isn't it doing the same against Al-Qaeda extremists fighting in Syria?

Charlie McGrath: That’s an excellent question and I think activist Jim Brown nailed a lot of those answers. It isn’t just Al Qaeda, it’s Al Nousra Front, which is the driving force of the so-called “freedom fighters” inside of Syria. Why aren’t they being targeted? It’s pretty simple. This is a fomenting war with proxies. We are going to go in and say we are going to attack Hezbollah or weapons headed for Hezbollah and of course they are of an Iranian origin. This region of the world is a powder keg and it seems the West is looking for the right spark.

RT:Who's actually the main target behind these attacks - Syria, Iran or Hezbollah in Lebanon?

CM: I think they want to put all this fish in one kettle, tie them together as a new axis of evil inside the Middle East and North Africa and do away with them. I think they are all under attack. Like I said, Syria has been hanging on, with a sectarian government, under civil war for over two years. We are funding, the West is funding… I don’t know if many Americans realize this, but they definitely should. We are talking, we are getting daily diatribe by Washington DC – these people that are allegedly trying to convince us that we want to spread democracy in that region of the world and give people a chance. Now we are talking about directly arming the rebels. And we need to understand who these rebels are. They are the same individuals we were shooting at in Iraq, in Afghanistan. We were let to be believed, that these are the terrorists who want to come over here and steal our rights. I don’t think there’s any one specific target. I think it’s the region, I think it’s the West along with Israel trying to foment a war.

RT:We can presume Israel hardly ever acts without permission from the US Do you think Washington was aware of these attacks?

CM: Absolutely, 100 per cent, I guarantee it! Look at the rhetoric that’s been built up over the last weeks. The rhetoric over the ‘red line’, the chemical weapon. You know – Dennis Kucinich – one honest American politician, I believe, said “If you want to know about what’s going on inside of Syria, just Google ‘Syria false flag chemical weapons more manufactured intelligence’…of course we knew what was going to happen over this weekend! We talk of ‘red lines’, Netanyahu being on the fore of the UN with his cartoon bomb meeting this ‘red line’ – the nuclear threat of Iran…absolutely, involvement was known on all parties that this attack was going to happen.

 Syrian rebels take position inside a building in the Saif al-Dawla district of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on April 5, 2013.(AFP Photo / Dimitar Dilkoff)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.