'US using their Africa and Middle East strategy in Ukraine'

'US using their Africa and Middle East strategy in Ukraine'
The US establishes strategic networks around globe, some linked to humanitarian organizations, and some to fascist organizations and individuals who will do their dirty work, Scott Rickard, former intelligence officer for the NSA, told RT.

Rickard, who also worked for the USAF and the Directorate of National Intelligence, believes that no doubt Yanukovich was very corrupt, and the uprising can’t of course be called peaceful, although it started out that way.

When you are throwing thousands of Molotov cocktails and you are being funded – this is a very strategic network that these NGOs have and they have been operating in Ukraine for decades. These individuals have ties at the greatest levels into humanitarian organizations, all the way up to the best side of the things and all the way down into the fascist organizations for the individuals that will do dirty work for them,” Rickard said.

Rickard also argues that “the CIA has operated like this in South America, they have operated like this in Africa” and there is nothing surprising that “they are going to do this in Ukraine.

‘Denial of reality’

Foreign policy expert, Nebojsa Malic, believes that the West is sticking to its usual strategy: an “absolute denial of reality when it suits their aims.”

Unfortunately, neither the Europeans nor the Americans generally allow facts to get in the way of a good story and what Mr Kerry said, the fairy tale about peaceful protesters being murdered by the government, that’s their fairy tale and they are sticking to it,” Malic told RT.

British Labour Party politician and MP Jeremy Corbyn suggests that the Western authorities should address a number of issues related to the Ukrainian crisis, namely the nature of some of the protesters and the question of representation of different nationalities living in Ukraine.

People hold a giant EU flag on November 24, 2013 during a rally in Kiev. (AFP Photo/Sergey Supinsky)

I think [there are] two issues that the Western governments have got to address: that the far-right forces that were active at the central square in Kiev, quite racist organizations, seem to be largely ignored by the Western media in the run-up to the removal of President Yanukovich; secondly, they have to recognize that any government in Ukraine has got to make itself representative of all the people of Ukraine, whether they are Russian-speaking, Ukrainian-speaking, Tatar people or whatever group they are from. Surely that has to be the right way forward and I hope it will be the way forward. Otherwise, fundamental instability is going to be there for a long time to come,” Corbyn said.

He also added that “those forces that were active in opposing Yanukovich’s government included very genuine people who were concerned about corruption and efficiency and mismanagement, but they also included some very nasty forces that seem quite happy to be associated with Nazi and neo-Nazi insignia.”

Corbyn claims that “what is happening in Ukraine is going to have to be resolved politically” without any foreign intervention.

I think military intervention by anyone is wrong and I think expansion of NATO beyond its existing area is also wrong and I regret that the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe wasn’t given the premier role it should have been given at the end of the Cold War,” he told RT.

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