‘Ukraine revolution a putsch supported by Western powers’

‘Ukraine revolution a putsch supported by Western powers’
Conflict in Ukraine is predominately geopolitically motivated and is not about protecting democracy, but rather about violently overthrowing the government, member of the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity Erica Femmen told RT.

Femmen argues that what is happening in Ukraine is a violent takeover that is supported by Western powers and is motivated by geopolitical interests. And the recent revelations of the leaked phone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister Urmas Paet show that the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders is another proof of that.

“These revelations [in the Ashton/Paet phone call] are not surprising because we in Solidarity as a civil rights movement have made the point from the beginning that what we are seeing in Ukraine is a putsch supported by Western powers, which is primarily geopolitically motivated. You have seen a lot of propaganda in playing down the protests on Maidan as peaceful, which is absolutely not the case.”

This news fits with the historical image of those players behind the movement, Femmen explained.

“It coheres with what we have exposed in a dossier about the history of those forces, Nazis and the Bandera forces and others who have been in the center of this whole force movement to topple the legitimate government of president Yanukovich. So it is not surprising that you could have something like a third source, which reminds us of Gladio (a clandestine NATO operation during the Cold War in case of a Soviet invasion) in the West, which is sued by western secret services.”

Femmen further provides an example, with the head of the progressive socialist party of Ukraine Nataliya Vitrenko on a tour in Europe.

“Vitrenko was just on a tour here in France, in Germany and also to the European Parliament. She got a dose of this kind of incredibly immoral behavior in a press conference with Martin Shultz [the president of the European parliament and a German MP]. She confronted him about these facts and he said ‘I’m not going to say whether these people are Nazis or not’. It makes clear what is the nature of this whole putsch and it has nothing to do with democracy or those values, which the leaders of Europe are preaching to the Ukrainians.”

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