London strapped with hoops of steel to rotting corpse of EU

London strapped with hoops of steel to rotting corpse of EU
Britons are fed up with Brussels governing London, and they’re ready for the UK to be self-run. David Cameron should stand up for the country and let the British public decide its own fate for once, Godfrey Bloom of the UK Independence Party told RT.

The balance of power between London and Brussels is “broadly appropriate,” according to a Whitehall review published on Monday. The government report claims that Britain’s membership in the EU means the UK reaps large benefits instead of being harmed through surrendering powers to Europe.

The report comes in the face of Cameron’s proposal to review and renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the EU, promising to hold an “in or out” referendum by the end of 2017. Bloom postulates that the report solely reflects the opinion of the political class, and that decisive action will not be taken while the UK is under Europe’s thumb.

RT: Which way do you expect Cameron's government to go, given that this study promotes the current relationship that the UK has with the EU?

GB: Basically we have a PM, who I think is probably the most naïve PM we’ve had in this country since Ramsay McDonald. He really doesn’t understand how it works. Now at the moment we do not have self-government, we are governed by Brussels. Seventy-five per cent of our laws come from Brussels. They control our energy policy, our agricultural policy, fishing policy, and employment policy, and all the major things that we should have as a free self-governing nation have been gone. So this report doesn’t reflect the will of the British people, it just reflects the will of political class, the status quo.  And we’re just about fed up with it in the UK, and I’ve got a point to make here as well –they’re just about fed up with it everywhere else in the EU. We’re fed up with the political class. Let’s rule our own country, let’s run our own country for the good of our own people. 

Britain's United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom (AFP Photo / Frederick Florin)

RT:Does this study not encourage your party to rethink its stance on Europe since it talks about a relationship that is good for both parties?

GB: In whose opinion? In the opinion of British ordinary working man, what we used to call “the man on the Clapham omnibus,” we don’t want to be governed by Brussels. We’ve developed, you know, a system of government and a system of law that has developed over a thousand years. A thousand years! It’s one of the oldest systems of government and law on the face of the planet. It’s actually been adopted by other nations. And we’ve now given it up to a completely undemocratic,  centralist, statist political class. And we just don’t want this anymore. We want self-government, please, so let’s have a referendum. Why are we listening to think tanks - yet another think tank? Why simply can we not have a referendum and put it to the people? Wouldn’t that be the most sensible and democratic way of dealing with it?

That might happen in a couple of years’ time, but what do you say to people who fear that Britain's economy will suffer if it leaves the EU?

GB: Well what is happening to our economy now? We are trillion of pounds in debt, it’s the biggest debt we’ve had in the history of our nation.  We have zero GDP growth. We don’t make our law anymore, we can’t control our immigration borders, we have 30 per cent youth unemployment. It costs us somewhere in the region of 40 million pounds per day to belong to this undemocratic, corrupt empire.  The whole thing at the moment is a disaster. So what would happen to our economy if we left? It would leap forward, because most of our trade is with the Pacific Rim and North America, and most of our increasing trade is with those places. It is in decline with Western Europe. And the demographic is going down. We are strapped with hoops of steel to the rotting corpse of the European Union, and we want out!

RT:And finally do you believe that David Cameron’s government will change its tune? I ask that because it was the one that suggested it would hold a referendum. Given this report, do you think that it will be more sympathetic now to this, and perhaps want to retain links with the EU?

Look, David Cameron is either naïve or a crook. I think probably a bit of both.  I was in the parliament for the last six months. I watched David Cameron’s party vote through 68 per cent of the measures that have now got into English law over the last six months. My party voted for zero. Did you know that we actually suggested that we ran our own fishing policy and the Conservative party voted against it? They voted for and drove through control of the city of London to Brussels. You simply cannot trust a single word this man says and he’s beginning to be exposed now. He’s a wrong’un!