'Celebrating' 9/11: Time to join the dots…

Adrian Salbuchi
Adrian Salbuchi is an international political analyst, researcher and consultant. Author of several books on geopolitics in Spanish and English (including ‘The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope’), he is also a conference speaker in Argentina and radio/TV commentator. He writes op-ed pieces for RT Spanish as well as RT English, and is a regular guest on alternative media radio and TV shows in the US, Europe and Latin America. Adrian currently hosts his TV show ‘Segunda República’ on Channel TLV1 – Toda La Verdad Primero – in Buenos Aires, and is founder of the Second Republic Project (Proyecto Segunda República), a sovereign governance model for Argentina, Latin American countries and elsewhere. His website is: www.asalbuchi.com.ar; YouTube channel:www.youtube.com/user/arsalbuchi
'Celebrating' 9/11: Time to join the dots…
Given the on-going crisis over Syria might the US be considering an unimaginable “celebration” on or around 9/11, doubling – even tripling - their bets by triggering a far greater war of worldwide proportion? A “Nine-Eleven” remake?

The initial justification for the US/UK led “Global War on Terror,” triggered by the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC 12 years ago, has eroded and needs to be renewed. Let’s join some of the dots, shall we?

Syrian stand-off

The G20 Meeting that brought together the key global players in the Syria standoff – the leaders of the five UN Security Council Member states - last week in St. Petersburg, Russia seemed like the world’s last chance to avoid a major war.

No agreement for peace was reached at the time due to US intransigence.  For America is under extreme pressure from Israel-backed power brokers to wage war on Syria and Iran no matter what.  Contrary to Iraq and Libya, however, this time there is no way the Security Council will give the US/UK/France a blank check to deal with Syria: Russia (and China) have drawn a bright and clear red line.

So, President Barack Obama is in a hell of a fix: if he loses the vote in Congress and is forced to stand down, then he will become a lame duck president; if he wins its support and orders the US into war against Syria knowing Russia will back them, then God knows what will happen after the first US missiles hit Damascus.

Those were the only choices until John Kerry publicly defied Bashar al-Assad to “turn over his chemical weapons to the international community without delay and allow the full and total accounting” of them. Russia and Syria quickly picked up the glove replying, “Sure, of course. We’ll do just that!” 

Warmongers in the US and Israel must be climbing up the walls in their fury!

US President Barack Obama answers questions during a press conference in Saint Petersburg on September 6, 2013 on the sideline of the G20 summit.(AFP Photo / Jewel Samad)

Will Congress vote for war?

US public opinion favors not being rash; not going to war this time without a clear UN mandate.  But UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon has already warned that the findings of his investigation to determine who was really behind the horrific chemical weapons attack in the Ghorta neighborhood of  Damascus – Bashar al-Assad’s government forces or the US/UK/French/Israeli-backed insurgent terrorists bent on overthrowing him – won’t be known for a couple of weeks to come. 

Add to this the process now triggered by Russia of handing over Syrian chemical weapons to international observers… and this may drag on for weeks now! 

As time go by Congress and public opinion will cool even further against war.  Worst still for US interventionists, if truly unbiased, the UN Report may very likely end up accusing the rebel terrorists for that attack, not al-Assad as Obama and his friends hope.  Wasn’t it AP reporter Dale Gavlack who gathered statements from one of the insurgent groups who explained that those killings were actually the result of an “accident” they suffered when mishandling chemical weapons they got from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan?  Most embarrassing!

Indeed the US/UK “window of opportunity” for waging war on Syria is fast closing.

Everything looked so nice after the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave its green light for intervention prompted by staunch hawk lobbyists like Senators John McCain (Republican, Arizona) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina).  Its draft resolution said it would be US policy “to change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria”, whilst another interventionist Senator Ron Johnson (Republican, Wisconsin), in turn recommended “…if we're going to go in there militarily, if we're going to strike, why wouldn't we try to do some kind of knockout punch?"

What a hassle for the Neo-Con “Israel-First” Warmongering Hawks! The Russians – of all people – giving Obama an escape route out of his “Zionist War versus World Peace” predicament!

Question: will the Neo-cons, AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the powerful Israeli lobby, the McCain/Graham/Rice hawks now lay the whole thing to rest, or will they just wait for a new and better opportunity to fight back? 

Even more, might they fabricate just such an opportunity? They may very well have no choice. Otherwise, the US and UK will have lost yet another huge chunk of global credibility which would be tantamount to defeat, whilst Russia (and China) will be the true victors in the eyes of the world. 

No, no, that definitely won’t do, however. The US/UK/France/Israel Alliance is dead set on wiggling its way into war one way or another. And if one way does not work, well, they might just have to look for another.

Rebel fighters sit on top of a tank that formally belonged to the Syrian army during a battle with government forces in the rebel-held northwestern Syrian province of Idlib on September 9, 2013.(AFP Photo / Mohamed Kaddour)

Another way to go to war

Here we need to start joining some dots.  At least a few of them, which may then  help us identify other dots which, if correctly connected in the days and weeks to come, may give us the right picture of the truth:

Dot 1:  9/11 anniversary.  Certainly a “day that will live in infamy” charged with strong emotion and soul-searching.  It was the original reason for taking out Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now they hope Syria. But it also served to unmask George W. Bush as an outright serial liar for having invaded Iraq over nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, followed by his admitting Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. 

If “US-Nuclear-WMDs-in-Iraq-Hysteria” did the trick back in 2003, a decade later it’s not proving that easy to stir up “US-Chemical-WMDs-in-Syria-Hysteria”, unless.

Unless something really big, dramatic, scary, unprecedented and convincing takes place!

Dot 2:South Carolina.  South Carolina?  Yes, South Carolina: Senator Lindsey Graham’s home state.  Together with John McCain, Mr Graham has been a key war-monger against Syria in Congress.  He sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Interestingly, on Tuesday 3rd September the local CBS Network outlet in his home State reported some odd remarks the senator made on Syria, stressing that “if there is no U.S. response, Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons…. those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”  

To stress how important it is for Congress to authorize Obama to attack, he drove the point by saying, “the situations in Syria and Iran are linked… Syria could destabilize the entire Middle East.” 

Dot 3: Are nukes being positioned? -  That same 3rd September, some disturbing news was reported by independent journalist Anthony Gucciardi on Storyleak.com, referring to an alleged “high level source inside the military confirming that Dyess Air Force base in Texas was actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States” - apparently South Carolina.

Normally, such extreme reports would be dismissed outright, were it not for uneasy precedents of this type like the “Bent Spear” incident of 29th August 2007 which occurred at Minot and Barksdale Air Force bases in the US, after six AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles loaded with W80-1 variable yield nuclear warheads went missing for 36 hours, “by mistake” of course.  Many observers believe that it was in fact a foiled attempt by Bush-Cheney Neo-cons to get hold of some nukes for “special use” that was fortunately thwarted when whistleblowers leaked the secret to the press.

Dot 4: Pope Francis’ strong appeal.  OK, he’s our new Pope and he’s definitely has his own style, but it is rather unprecedented in these violent times for the Vatican to take such strong action in the face of imminent war, calling for a very high profile worldwide Day of Prayer for Peace on 7th September.  He also dispatched a letter to G20 leaders specifically opposing intended US and French military attack on Syria, saying it will “worsen the massacre, increase hate and there will be no way of limiting this once unleashed”.

He pointed an accusing finger by saying, "We have perfected our weapons but our conscience remains dull making subtle justifications to ourselves as if planting destruction, suffering and death were a normal state of affairs”.  He left a message of very dark foreboding by saying “War spells defeat for all of mankind.  Let us all pray for peace in the beloved nation of Syria and in all the Middle East”. Does the Vatican know something the rest of us don’t (yet) and are they making an 11th hour effort to stop it?

Pope Francis.(AFP Photo / Andreas Solaro)

Dot 5: 9/11 has turned into an Achilles Heel for the United States and for the global elite running that wretched country.  Increasing portions of public opinion are understanding that there was definitely something very strange and most unclear surrounding the official version of 9/11, and other lesser events like the London July 2005 bombings, all of which helped to fuel the War on Terror. 

The concept of False Flag attacks is being increasingly debated and understood throughout the world.  When addressed with historical perspective regarding key events over the past century, they shed totally new light on how “behind the curtains” misdeeds may have actually triggered major world events.  This increased awareness is fast eroding the effectiveness of False Flags.  Need to act fast.

Dot 6: Israeli Pressure. As we reported on RT, Israel’s patience is running out which is awfully bad news for Obama, the US Congress, the US military and the whole world. 

To understand why, we must carefully observe that whilst a superficial overview of world politics might lead us to believe that the US pretty much calls the shots over great chunks of this unhappy planet, a deeper look reveals that it is in fact the Israeli-lobby that runs US foreign policy.  Ah, there’s the rub!

Dot 7: Obama’s just perfect! This war engineering effort is being quite well thought out by the Powers That Be, when you consider that today’s warmongers don’t need to carry the burden of an embarrassing Neo-con president like George W Bush (or John McCain or Mitt Romney had they beaten Obama in the last two election). 

No, it’s a huge advantage for them that a Democrat sits in the White House who obviously does not fit the Neo-con profile: clearly he’s not a Bushian-Clintonian WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant).  In fact, he’s a “liberal”, he’s black, he doesn’t come from an establishment family, he’s a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and he’s rooting for war on Syria and Iran!

Oh, and he’s fully manageable, expendable, and it will be easy to dump all blame on him when things turn really bad…  Barack Obama’s absolutely perfect!

Dot 8: What if…?  All war game scenario-building is based on the “What if…?”  Method.  For example, what if the Chinese block the US in the Pacific?  What if the Russians shut off their gas pipeline to Europe in January?  What if Israel unilaterally attacks Iran…?

Hey! What if a nuclear device is detonated in some US city any time soon?  Like Charleston, South Carolina, for example…? 

Is the Neo-con in-between-the-lines message asking: Do we need a new False Flag “attack” that will completely dwarf 9/11, and get us our damn war in Syria, Iran and further afield?

Oh, what a brave new world that would be!  Stay tuned: further dots on the way…

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