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26 Mar, 2013 03:36

Inevitably biased? Russian, Chinese experts refused part in Syria chemical weapon probe

Inevitably biased? Russian, Chinese experts refused part in Syria chemical weapon probe

The United Nations' investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria will not include experts from Russia and China. But without them, such a probe will not have any credibility, argues political analyst Kamel Al Wazne.

UN Security Council President and Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin has criticized the decision of the UN Secretariat to exclude Russian and Chinese experts from the team that will probe the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria on March 19.

“We’ve been told that the P5 representatives should not be included,” Churkin said after a closed session on Monday. “We are not persuaded by this kind of logic.”

Churkin pointed out that excluding the expertise from the Security Council permanent member states will not guarantee that these countries won’t be able to influence the probe.

“I would recommend excluding all NATO countries too,” Churkin said, adding that he still hopes Russian and Chinese experts who can “provide a lot of expertise” would be included in the commission.

Beirut-based political analyst, Kamel Alwazne, told RT that Moscow is right to demand to be part of the investigation into the alleged chemical attack

RT:Moscow wants experts from Russia and China to join the UN investigation. But seeing both countries were the ones that blocked the Security Council resolutions- will this actually happen?

Kamel Al Wazne: I think they must assure their cooperation because the West and those Arab countries cannot be trusted. Today, the headline of the New York Times speaks very clearly-shipment of weapons helped by the CIA, Qatar, by Saudi Arabia. Over 165 cargos full of weapons has been shipped to the opposition in Syria.

Somebody who is actually engaging in the war against the Syrian people cannot be trusted. I think, it’s the Russian, the Chinese rightly so, they should be involved if any investigation into the use of chemical weapons. Especially, there is a great indication that the opposition has been actually the one who used these chemical weapons.

RT:Where would these chemical weapons come from?

KW: If you hear about 165 cargos full of weapons coming into Syria from Qatar through Turkey, then you do not need to ask that question. These borders are open and the Turkish and the Qataris and the Saudi have been moving all kind of weapons into Syria. 

RT:We've seen several Western media reports claiming the rebels actually carried out the attack in Aleppo. The West, Washington in particular, was very quick to promise harsh consequences for Assad, can we expect the same if the rebels are actually proven guilty?

KW: That is my exact point. The President of the United States has just one answer: if Assad uses the chemical weapons, what if the opposition uses the chemical weapons, what does the President of the United States has to do about that? Why doesn’t he mention the opposition- that they are the ones using chemical or could use chemical, and what he would do about the opposition?

He knows very clearly those members of al-Qaeda, members of terrorist organizations have been attacking civilians in Syria, killed an Islamic brigadier like Buti, been involved in car explosion, and that is ok to the Obama administration because, because those al-Qaeda, now they are fighting on their side.

So there is no problem but when it comes to the lives of the Americans-oh, it’s hell has to freeze over, then this is a double standard. The Americans are walking this road and the road has to be on their side and on their watch but the Syrian can die every day and nobody will question that. So, now it is time for the Americans to look carefully and be accountable to what is taking place in Syria. 

There is a lot of death. And the CIA, I think has indicated today in the New York Times, it is clearly shipping weapons to continue that war in rage in a country that deserves peace and stability. The American, the Arab sponsor cannot be trusted. I think we need the Chinese, we need the Russian and we need those independent, honest people to say who is using the chemical weapons and how it is used.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.