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21 Apr, 2013 04:50

'Confusion and inconsistencies': How US plans to distract public from real truth about Boston

The initial questions about the Boston bombing are behind us, but former FBI employee Sibel Edmonds believes the pursuit of truth will eventually lead to a far more secret agenda by the US, which she reveals to RT.

The United States is having to quickly wake up to the possibility that Chechens are not the ‘freedom fighters’ Western media has been categorizing them as, especially when it came to the Republic’s relationship to Russia. But even the newly formed perceptions may not be enough when it comes to investigating the motives and planning behind the Boston bombing, according to Edmonds, who is also a founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

With the dust somewhat settled after the capture of the younger suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Edmonds believes there will only be more unanswered questions in an investigation already plagued by obvious inconsistencies and falsities, which she recounts at length.

RT:We've learned in the last hour that Russia warned the FBI about the older Tsarnaev brother and his potential links with radical Islamists, but the FBI found nothing suspicious. How is that possible?

Sibel Edmonds: Actually, we predicted that the unnamed foreign country [Western media didn’t name the source immediately] was in fact Russia, two days ago. We have too little facts, too much false information and speculations. But just look at the period they are talking about. When you listen to the suspect’s mother, she’s talking about a period of three to five years. According to FBI officials, they received this information, this warning, in 2011. So we have that inconsistency right there. The other important inconsistency that we should pay attention to is the mother’s description of FBI mannerisms and conversation with the suspects and the family when they were visiting them for the last three to five years. That fits exactly the recruitment style of the intelligence community. When you go to the suspects, and one moment you’re saying “We know you’re decent, we know you’re doing nothing wrong, we know you’re good”, and the next minute they’re saying “You can be dangerous”, right after receiving that information from the Russian government, to threaten them with that information for what purpose – to recruit them as informants or for other agendas.

Investigators survey the site of a bomb blast on Boylston Street a day after two explosions hit the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts April 16, 2013. (Reuters / Adrees Latif)

RT:We spoke to the mother last night. She said there is no way on earth they could have  been involved in a heinous crime like this, that she knew everything about them and they could not have been potential terrorists. However, could there be another side to these people that they didn’t even let their mother know, is that not feasible?

SE: Well, again, we don’t have real information from our source in the last 48hours. I found out that they had been associating the brothers – especially the older one –with very wealthy individual Turkish persons, some of them students in Boston, some businessmen…really modern people. And we haven’t received any information that they [the brothers] had been associating with Chechens, even the radicals. So that itself is another major inconsistency in this story.

RT:Similarities are being drawn between the 'pressure cooker' bombs used in Boston and those which Al Qaeda gets English-speaking terrorists to use. Just how much does this prove in terms of the bombers' links with the terrorist group?

SE: Again, it’s way too early to comment on this and I think that whole notion right now sounds really, really weak. Because the US government, when it is convenient, one minute talk about how sophisticated Al Qaeda has become – in fact they’re as sophisticated as the NSA [US National Security Agency] – they are talking about their ability to obtain laptop, or suitcase bombs, nuclear bombs…and the next moment they are talking about this amateurish home-made ability. So, as far as the government is concerned, I think it’s too early to buy this either from the US media or the government.

This situation is really similar to the Bin Laden shooting. Every day the story changed. And this is what we are going to see in the next few days. They are going to change the story, they are going to throw so much confusion and inconsistencies and conflicting data that no one is going to figure out what actually happened, especially if the second suspect dies.

This photograph obtained April 16, 2013 courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows the remnants of a pressure cooker the FBI says was part of one of the bombs used during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. (AFP Photo / FBI)

RT:There's been a tendency in the Western media to portray armed groups in the Chechnya as freedom fighters. Is that going to change at all after this?

SE: We all have to really look at the timing of this, because again the US media is portraying this incident by itself. It’s not putting it in the context of things that have been happening in the past – let’s say one year so – or recent stuff – we had this case of NGOs being shut down by the Russian government, which was a very smart move, because we know that the majority of these NGOs have CIA agendas, as they’re operated and managed by CIA people. And this is one way of infiltrating Russia by the US government, the CIA. 

So, if you start putting these in context and also add the fact that Russia has been the biggest obstacle for the United States to get in and directly attack Syria – that’s when you start to see the bigger picture and that’s what the people should be paying attention to. Again, the false information that is being put forth by US media is that since the fall of the Soviet Union the United States has refrained from intervening in the Russia-Chechnya situation. And that is purely false. Since mid-1990’s, the US directly, or through Turkey has been arming, training, managing, orchestrating not only Chechens but also other factions in the region – and we are looking  at Central Asia and the Caucasus. 

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.