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25 Nov, 2021 08:00

Trans ideology has no place in children's groups like the Girl Guides

Trans ideology has no place in children's groups like the Girl Guides

Once upon a time I was a big fan of the Girl Guides. But today, I would think twice about encouraging young girls to join this organisation.

Why? Because the ideology of transgenderism has become internalised by the leadership. According to recent reports a biological male has gained a senior position within the Girl Guides.

In July of this year Monica Sulley, a biological male who identifies as a woman, became the lead Commissioner for the Southwell division of Girl Guides, UK.

Some critics of the promotion of a male to a position that involves sharing tents and toilets with young girls have drawn attention to some weird and disturbing posts on Sulley’s social media accounts. In these posts Sulley poses with weapons, sports bondage gear and refers to himself as ‘Mistress’.

While these media posts reflect the poor taste of Sulley, the real issue is not his proclivity for whips and chains but the corruption of the foundational ideals that have made the Girl Guides such an important institution.

As an institution, the Girl Guides went astray when its leadership became obsessed with the dogma of inclusion. Back in 2018, this organisation, now called Girlguiding developed a new policy which insisted the guides welcome transgender girls, that is biological males into its ranks!

There is little doubt that the vast majority of the volunteers who run this movement were taken aback by the pro-trans policy. One Girl Guide leader told me of her despair but vowed to remain in post to ensure that her group would remain a no-go area for boys.

At the time 12 leaders signed a letter declaring their opposition to the new policy over safety concerns. Two of the signatories were sacked on the spurious grounds of ‘refusing to follow procedure’.

One of the signatories, Helen Watts, who ran a Rainbows unit in Ealing, London for girls aged five to seven, was summarily dismissed from her post after devoting more than 15 years of service to the guides. ‘I am very upset and I am also really angry’, stated Watts. As far as she was concerned, the new policy ‘ignored basic safeguarding principles’.

Watts indicated she was informed her membership of the Guides was terminated because she was unwilling to follow this organisation’s ‘equality and diversity policy’. In effect Watts was expelled from the Guides because she had the temerity to call into question the impact of transgender ideology on an organisation that was founded with the aim of cultivating the character and wellbeing of young girls. Her concern about young women sharing tents or showering with potentially predatory men has become a statement of heresy in the eyes of the Girlguiding leadership.

At the time Girlguiding rejected criticism of its pro-trans policy and stated that ‘simply being transgender does not make someone more of a safeguarding risk than any other person’.

As it happens, there is far more at stake than the issue of safeguarding. Transgender ideology is not simply committed to advocating the inclusion of biological males who identify as girls to join a well-known single gender organisation. It is also obsessed with imposing gender-neutrality on society and eliminating biological distinction between the sexes. Consequently, the term ‘Girlguiding’ is fast becoming a misnomer. This development was highlighted when chief guide Amanda Medler and chief executive Ruth Marvel responded to criticism of the movement’s transgender policy. They stated:

We are a young people’s organisation. Our focus has been, and will remain, providing our young members with opportunities to learn, grow and discover in a fun, safe, inclusive and legally compliant way.

Just note their words. It refers to a ‘young people’s organisation’ and its ‘young members’! Not a hint that this is an organisation that is for girls. How long before the name girlguiding is changed to peopleguiding? Just watch this space.

It is time that the numerous volunteers who run local girl guide groups make their views heard and rebel against the imposition of this radical and dangerous transgender ideology on their movement.

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