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15 Oct, 2021 16:56

Wayne Dupree: San Francisco is a crime-ridden hellhole ruined by liberal Dem policies that should serve as a warning for America

Wayne Dupree: San Francisco is a crime-ridden hellhole ruined by liberal Dem policies that should serve as a warning for America

The once beautiful city of San Francisco is dying, as businesses close stores amid a massive crimewave. And it’s short-sighted, progressive thinking, which has created a two-tier system of elite and peasants, that is to blame.

Last night, I read how Walgreens is shutting down five more San Francisco stores due to the out-of-control crime wave happening in the city represented by Nancy Pelosi. Yes, Nancy Pelosi.

I know, I know. Some of you might feel that California has had its chance to turn this around. But the people keep voting the same way. You’re thinking: “They chose this many times over. They missed what was likely their last opportunity to save their state. They made their bed. Now they need to lie in it.”

That’s all fair enough. But my thoughts are with the innocent victims being caught up in all this. Call me a compassionate conservative if you wish. I worry about the people.

Part of the problem is that these people want out. They move to an area with low crime, low taxes and lower housing costs. And what’s the first thing they do? Change the political landscape, as they take their too-liberal ideas with them.

What is troubling is that many elected Democratic leaders cannot appear to see the error in their ways. And, until that changes, or these progressive politicians are replaced through future elections, Southern California will probably continue to disintegrate.

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San Francisco used to be my favorite business trip destination. It was a great city to walk around, and some of my favorite restaurants and bars were within blocks of each other. Beautiful scenery and weather. Now that I am retired, I have no desire to go back. None at all. What a shame.

That Walgreens and many other businesses are leaving San Francisco is a sign that the city is dying. Yes, the freeways are still packed, but if you need to get a prescription and have to drive further, the criminals will do so too. The store closures will continue until the discount stores are all gone. Once San Francisco is finished, the criminals will move to the next neighborhood and the next and the next. There is no solution with the current administration in charge.

The progressives, the dreamers and the ideologues often talk a great game on the surface. They are excellent at appealing to emotions. But when given power, their ideas have no basis, and their policies are short-sighted and heavily reliant on a version of humanity that does not exist. San Francisco is turning into ground zero for what happens when they are given too much power and influence. Progressive wonderlands are two-class systems: elites and peasants.

And a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that academia has gone unchecked in our country. Many of the idiotic ideas that have taken root come directly from “our finest colleges and universities.” But the funny thing is, most are public institutions and even the private ones could not exist without public monies. It’s time we, the taxpayers, take control of these institutions and demand they provide education, not indoctrination, of our youth.

We need to get rid of the fuzzy-headed professors and their fuzzy-headed thinking. We need to end all tenure, and all union contracts, and reduce or end all departments that cannot provide meaningful employment to graduates – for example, gender and ethnic studies, anthropology, psychology, arts and so on. 

We need to force the institutions to focus on STEM, business, medicine, language and courses that provide employment in areas that our nation needs. State legislatures should review each department annually to determine what the employment outlook is for its graduates and if it’s bleak, it’s cut. The lunacy of the college campus must end to save our nation.

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Another problem which surrounds California is that other states rush to follow its lead. Democrat governors seem to think success can be measured in how quickly they can adopt every new policy started in California.

As Ronald Reagan famously said in his inaugural address as California governor, “Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by way of inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.”

When will this country finally wake up to the realization that politicians don’t care about US citizens? They only care about maintaining their power and control. You don’t see homeless camps near their homes, illegal immigrants released in their neighborhoods or taxation laws that impact them negatively. 

They live in ivory towers and tell us we should be grateful for the so-called benefits they give upon us from high. Well, there’s an unlimited number of historical examples of this power corruption where the people rose and said “enough.” It’s time for America to do the same, and California would be a great place to start.

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