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17 Sep, 2021 12:00

The horror of the Haitian migrant camp in Texas shows why America MUST end its woke approach to immigration now

The horror of the Haitian migrant camp in Texas shows why America MUST end its woke approach to immigration now

With Joe Biden halting deportation flights to Haiti, a massive camp has been created under a Texas bridge with over 10,000 migrants. More crises are sure to follow unless the administration starts to take immigration seriously.

Joe Biden’s administration has lurched from one embarrassment to another on immigration policy. From the unedifying spectacle of another ‘kids in cages’ controversy to the Supreme Court forcing the reinstatement of the ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy, and the empty platitudes of Kamala Harris’ do not come speech, this administration has been completely lost on what to do. Now, after canceling deportation flights to Haiti, it has another humanitarian crisis on its hands, with a migrant detention camp underneath a border bridge swelling to more than 10,000 people.

It gets worse. The Federal Aviation Administration has imposed a no-fly zone for drones in the area after shocking footage of the migrants under the Texas bridge emerged. The no-fly zone will last for two weeks, with the FAA citing “special security reasons.” 

That’s really a  roundabout way of saying that the US government was praying that this would go under the radar somehow, and didn’t want media coverage. Breitbart has now reported a law enforcement source within US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as saying that the agency will be shutting down all sector checkpoints to allow full staff reallocation to the bridge crisis. The makeshift camp is receiving hundreds of migrants per hour, and photographs suggest it is unfit to actually house human beings.

The legitimate question that many Americans will have on their mind is: “What exactly is causing these failures of policy?” This is the second major humanitarian crisis that has happened due to US immigration policy within the course of a year. It’s absolutely unprecedented, and is an indictment of the directionless nature of the Biden administration. However, that directionlessness comes from the absolute failure of a pre-existing worldview that simply does not hold up whenever reality sets in. Some call that worldview intersectionality, some might argue it falls under Marxism. But I would simply file it all under the large banner of “woke.”

The fact of the matter is that, by and large, those on the left politically seem to think that immigration policy is inherently racist. The idea that the US would turn away people who are not of a pale skin tone based on any sort of law is simply too much for many leftists. Never mind that the laws in place have nothing to do with race (if the Haitians were white Canadians, the law would still apply). And never mind that there’s no mention of skin tone within the current regulations. If you want to deport somebody for breaking the law, you are a racist and as such the law is supposedly unjust. That’s the thinking of too many people – and these thoughts are completely removed from reality.

I believe the United States is a great country. But it is not a country with unlimited resources, nor is it a nation that should just allow people to enter simply because they want to. I wouldn’t expect to walk unchallenged into Israel, Russia, Spain, Brazil or even Canada. None of those nations want people to just waltz in without a reason for being there. None of those nations would simply let me live there without checking out who I am. And that’s entirely correct.

The very idea that we should have a different outlook here in the US just because someone has a certain skin color is preposterous. While I would agree with the sentiment that not all laws are just, I have no reason to believe that the immigration laws should be disregarded because of a presupposition that has no basis in reality.

The Biden administration has made itself out to be a massive joke over the last year, particularly on immigration, and as such the only expectation that I have is more stupidity. If anything can be gleaned from this, it is that woke ideology has no place in governance. All it leads to is disaster, which seems to be the best word to describe Joe Biden’s presidency thus far.

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