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6 May, 2021 18:30

Sorry for mansplaining, girls, but pretty soon your gender will no longer exist, you're getting cancelled...unless you speak up!

Sorry for mansplaining, girls, but pretty soon your gender will no longer exist, you're getting cancelled...unless you speak up!

An exam board in England is proposing that a ‘women in literature’ A-level module be replaced by ‘gender in literature’. But why stop at authors? Why not just go the whole hog? It's coming anyway, let's just delete ‘women’.

Resist! Females of the world, it's time to resist! 

Women. Girls. Ladies and lasses. Birds and broads. Chicks and babes. Whatever. All you lovely biological human females. Sorry to have to break the news to you, but you're on the road to cancellation. This brave new world we seem to be falling face first into can only lead to your disappearance.  

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It's a fact, you need to face it. You're all gonna be blended together into a bland and gender-free nothingness just to placate a tiny – yet hugely vocal – minority.  

This minuscule band of people is a truly misogynistic yet hugely powerful force in this world. It is, of course, the transgender lobby. They're not 'woke', they're not liberal nor progressive. They are, quite simply, fascists. And it's not me – a biological male – that they want to suppress, not really.  

It's the female gender they're truly after, because YOU are who they REALLY want to be. But they were denied that treat by nature herself, so they have to find another way. 

The latest nonsense, and the list is pretty much endless, comes from one of the UK's top three exam boards – the Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR). Some idiotic OCR managers have asked teachers to vote on improving diversity by choosing new texts for its GCSE and A-level courses. They've also been asked whether the title of one A-level module, ‘women in literature’, should be replaced by ‘gender in literature’.  

Why? What for? To keep who happy? Yup, you guessed it, it can only be the transgender lobby. 

Not all teachers are happy. Oh no. And rightly so. David James, the deputy head of Lady Eleanor Holles, an independent girls’ school in London, told the Times: “Any move to erase ‘women’, and by implication the female voice, and the female identity, from A-level literature should be opposed by all English teachers who value real diversity of thought, and who cherish some of the greatest writers to have ever lived.” 

“To subsume ‘women’ into something vague like ‘gender’ is reductive, but also meaningless because all literature is ‘gendered’ because it is written by human beings. We have to protect what is distinctive about the female experience throughout the centuries. Once lost it will be difficult to reclaim.” 

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Exactly! And it's not just teachers who have had enough of this trans idiocy, it's also people within the alphabet soup that make up the LGBTQ community. Females. People like Sam Esther, a lesbian and feminist. She told RT: “Males who identify as transgender or who are referred to as ‘trans women’ are not any kind of woman because ‘women’ are adult human females –  a sex, rather than a gender role or set of ‘feminine’ stereotypes that anyone can embrace.” 

“The silencing of dissident opinion is frightening, a modern day witch-hunt. A clash of rights has emerged which can only be resolved by free respectful discussion and debate.”

Here’s another voice from the resistance. Lydia Falcon O'Neill was TORTURED by the Franco regime in 1970s Spain for her feminist and leftwing ideals. She thinks the transgender lobby is just as bad as the fascist ideology of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco. She told RT the trans lobby plan is “To make women, effectively, disappear and to insert themselves into public services, sports, monopolise business as well as political, electoral, and cultural quotas [for women]... It is a declared war.” 

Resist, resist, resist – it is time to resist! 

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As for me, next time I meet a transgender woman I refuse to pretend I don't think she/he looks like a man trying to look like a woman. And I refuse – I simply refuse – to have him/her decide which pronoun comes out of my mouth. Sorry. It's a form of resistance but it won't be keeping me very busy – I have only met two transgender women in my entire life (and both of them were lovely people, they would hate this trans gender bully boy bullshit).  

Size is important here, and this is my point entirely. All the noise is generated by a tiny – minuscule – number of individuals. There are way more redheads in this world than transsexuals. 

The government reckon there are between 200,000 and 500,000 transgender folk in the UK –  somewhere around half of 1% of the entire population. The trans lobby will, of course, suggest there are many many more – probably in the millions –  there is, after all, strength in numbers. Well, I haven't seen them and, sorry guys/gals – I don’t mean to be rude –  but you're generally not that hard to spot. 

Yes, statistics are hard to come by – I know because I have tried to find them. But within that half of 1%, I am willing to bet that a sizable majority – perhaps three quarters – is biological men who want to become women. It’s male dominated. It's not biological females making all this noise.  

May I suggest these people are manifesting the aggressive and obstinate traits of their – biological – gender? It is, you see, simply in their blood. Written there in their DNA. That Y chromosome is a noisy bugger. 

I am not, by nature, an intolerant guy. I am a liberal in the true sense of the word. Live and let live, but you have to live in THIS world – and it's imperfect. Changing the law and exam module titles or the gender on certificates does not change underlying reality.  

But I am utterly intolerant to idiocy and bullying. And, make no mistake, this is bullying.  

Get a sex change operation if you wish. Follow up every piece of paper you've ever generated in your life and change the gender. Whine like you've been stabbed in the chest if some evil sod uses the incorrect pronoun. Okay, okay, okay. I simply don't care. If you really think this will make you happy. Go ahead. Please. Go ahead and just shut up about it. 

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But just how much must I and the rest of the world participate in your search for identity? Yes, somewhere around half of one percent of the world identifies as trans sexual – but half of the entire global population is... female.  

Ladies, I really think it's time now to join the resistance – before you all get cancelled.

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