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21 Apr, 2021 16:27

God gets the last laugh: Atheist Richard Dawkins sent to woke purgatory for questioning progressive dogma

God gets the last laugh: Atheist Richard Dawkins sent to woke purgatory for questioning progressive dogma

The author of ‘The God Delusion’, the atheist’s bible, is under attack by his erstwhile supporters for questioning a main tenet of progressivism, the transgender movement. So religion is fair game, but quasi-science is not?

At this confused stage in an otherwise illustrious academic career, with the woke inquisition breathing down his back, British atheist Richard Dawkins may be praying for some divine intervention. The social justice warriors rarely take prisoners, while acts of contrition on bended knee only have the effect of digging one’s grave deeper. So what was Dawkins’ great transgression that has provoked this collective fit of leftie outrage?

Take a seat, dear reader, this is biblical. Apparently believing that his lofty status placed him comfortably above the eye of the mob storm, Dawkins hit send on a tweet that had all of the impact of pushing a dynamite plunger, potentially wrecking a lifetime of godless achievement in the process. The offensive message read, and I quote: “In 2015, Rachel Dolezal, a white chapter president of NAACP, was vilified for identifying as Black. Some men choose to identify as women, and some women choose to identify as men. You will be vilified if you deny that they literally are what they identify as. Discuss.

Call it a hunch, but what probably lit up the woke radar was Dawkins’ invitation for his followers to “Discuss” the transgender phenomenon, as though this law has not already been chiseled into the tablet of cancel culture’s commandments. Dawkins, locked away in his ivory tower, far from the stench of the burning college campuses below, clearly never got the memo stating there should be no debate on any matters pertaining to leftist ideology. Period. After all, acquiescence to debate carries the insinuation that liberal ideology may be somehow flawed, or open to interpretation, which, as we all know, is simply blasphemous.

And then the British academic had the audacity to say that an individual will be “vilified” for expressing any doubt as to “what these people identify as.” In other words, Dawkins suggested that someone else besides a self-righteous member of the left – for God’s sake, maybe even a racist Trump deplorable – has been typecast in the role as ‘victim’. Again, pure blasphemy. Surely Dawkins is intelligent enough to understand that a right-wing white supremacist troglodyte could never be on the receiving end of leftist violence and aggression! And even when so-called leftist ‘violence’ does occur, like during the Black Lives Matter “mostly peaceful protests,” these are merely the desperate demonstrations of an oppressed people for whom justice has been denied for too long. As President Joe Biden would wisely advise the wayward atheist, “Come on, man!”

Is there a cross heavy enough in the land for Dawkins to bear that will absolve him from his newfound ignominy? Without access to a Sequoia, it is extremely doubtful. But the social justice warriors will take great pleasure nevertheless finding other ways to destroy this heretic in their midst. Of the many slings and arrows already suffered by the ageing academic, like a modern-age St. Sebastian, the gravest came from the American Humanist Association (AHA), which announced it would be stripping him of their ‘humanist of the year’, awarded back in 1996.

In a terse message, AHA said that Dawkins’ tweet “implies that the identities of transgender individuals are fraudulent, while also simultaneously attacking Black identity as one that can be assumed when convenient. His subsequent attempts at clarification are inadequate and convey neither sensitivity nor sincerity.”

Consequently,” the pink slip continued, “the AHA Board has concluded that Richard Dawkins is no longer deserving of being honored by the AHA, and has voted to withdraw, effective immediately, the 1996 Humanist of the Year award.

The more cynical voices in the crowd may be tempted to respond with a well-deserved, “Who cares!?” After all, it is doubtful that many people have ever heard of the AHA, which sounds more like a pop music boy band than any serious confab of knotty-browed intellectual types. Yet for people like Richard Dawkins, outstanding representatives of the academic community, the message resonated like hammer blows on Calvary at the crack of dawn: ‘If you dare question the new liberal creed, our man-made religion, you will never breathe book dust again inside of our hallowed halls of learning, is that clear?

The first obvious problem here is the continuing theme of censorship, which has taken root across America like invasive kudzu, strangling the foliage and blocking out the sunlight. From the legacy media to social media to academia, the radical progressives are in the driver's seat as to what can be discussed and how it should be discussed. All other views are filed away under right-wing ‘conspiracy theories’ and subjected to eradication at the time and place of the left’s choosing. Appealing to commie-esque ‘community standards’, there is no hope for recourse; the liberals, with their shadowy clique of ‘fact checkers’, have assumed the moral high ground, the First Amendment be damned.

Had Dawkins been suggesting some sort of outlandish ‘flat earth’ theory, or perhaps expressing hatred for some religious group, then perhaps the move by the AHA would be warranted. However, the man was simply proposing a much-needed conversation about transgender and identity politics, extremely controversial ideas that have just landed on the crowded American stage in the last decade. At the very least, considering how many children are being injured by this lucrative new medical niche (many with considerable regret following their irreversible operations), a philosophical discussion at the national level would be the sensible course of action. Yet the left, with the ever-complicit media to support their every crazed whim, flat out refuses any debate on the matter thereby revealing the weakness of their position.

In conclusion, at the behest of the transgender/identity movement, man is attempting to usurp God as the ultimate creator. Whether a newborn comes into the world as male or female, black or white, makes absolutely no difference to this new Lucifer-inspired doctrine; simple man, armed with nothing more than chemicals and a surgeon’s scalpel, is playing God and has set out to redesign the individual according to his own rules. What is truly worrying about this radical new church, this insane religion that is bereft of any and all moral guidelines, is that nobody – not even the world’s best known atheist Richard Dawkins – is permitted to scrutinize it. That must be of tremendous concern to every human being on the planet.   

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