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7 Jan, 2021 13:24

I’m a Trump supporter, but in the last days of his presidency, he has betrayed his party, his country and his legacy

I’m a Trump supporter, but in the last days of his presidency, he has betrayed his party, his country and his legacy

The last month’s been a disaster for Republicans, losing the presidency & Congress, & culminating in a mob storming the Capitol - despite all his achievements, Trump will be recalled as an inept, whining, latter day Nero.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the end of Donald Trump's presidency would feature a month of complete ineptitude. But time and again, the president and people around him have completely and totally botched preparations for a worst case scenario. Instead of trying to avoid this, Trump focused almost all his time on whining about the election results rather than actually helping create a situation that would protect the republic once he's out of office.

One of the most disastrous things that could have happened after the presidential election was ignoring the Georgia runoff elections. For the uninitiated, both of Georgia's Senate seats were up for grabs. If the Democrats grabbed both of them then they would have an effective majority in the Senate — and they did. Though it is now 50 senators to 50, Kamala Harris as the vice president has a tie breaking vote on anything that comes through. So if a disastrous bill like the Green New Deal was split 50/50, Harris would cast a deciding vote to send it to the new president, Joe Biden, who will most likely sign it.

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Trump constantly moaned on Twitter instead of throwing in his support for Georgia's candidates was an absolute betrayal of the party he led. Though Mitch McConnell also should shoulder some blame for the shenanigans surrounding the stimulus bill, Trump could have been rallying long before that to the point where it would have been utterly irrelevant. But he didn't. He stayed home, his base stayed home, and now they're mad about it?

Not to mention the absolute bungling mess that was his legal team constantly embarrassing themselves in court. The promised "Kraken" turned out to be a bunch of empty and easily debunked accusations. ‘Star’ witnesses were recanting their statements left and right. One person who claimed to have major insider information ended up just being a temp worker. It was a giant rush job that did not even consider the necessity of strong evidence. The fact that people could even practice law without a basic understanding of the need to actually prove their case is beyond me.

And then, when a bunch of Trump supporters just stormed the capital, it apparently was not the president but Mike Pence who finally called the National Guard. Inside reports paint a picture of Nero looking for his fiddle while the VP took charge. Trump's inaction and half-baked platitudes of calling for peace while still acting as if the democratic process is not reliable make him no better than the mayors and governors who shrug their shoulders as Antifa burns down businesses. 

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This is the end of the Trump presidency. In the course of one month he has ruined his legacy. Up to this point, the things that he accomplished were things to be proud of. I very much believe that he was a good president who made a lot of great moves and helped America recover from a disastrous Obama presidency. However, this is not the way it should have ended. Trump has acted like he is bigger than the Constitution, bigger than Federalism, and deserving of special treatment.

The Democrats have the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Presidency. The only thing that stands between their progressive agenda and the Constitution is the Supreme Court. This is the legacy of Trump. He could have done many things to prevent all of this, but he was too busy complaining on Twitter to do any of it.

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