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5 Nov, 2020 20:57

If Republicans lose the presidency, they need to accept it or face becoming illegitimate to Americans

If Republicans lose the presidency, they need to accept it or face becoming illegitimate to Americans

With the lawsuits and recounts that are going on, the current election certainly isn't over. However, if Joe Biden wins legitimately and Republicans don't accept it they will become a laughing stock.

This has been the election cycle that seems like we'll never see the end of. And yet, here we are. The results of the election are coming in, and accusations of hijinks abound. That is obviously very worrisome. People should be able to have fair elections without some partisan doofus screwing it up for everybody. As such, Republicans are pushing hard to make sure that there is more oversight and even recounts in places where shady stuff is happening.

Now, with all of that said there is something in the air that must not be ignored. What if Joe Biden was legitimately elected the president of the United States? How are the Republicans going to respond? This is an interesting question because many conservatives such as Sean Hannity were calling it the most important election in their lifetime. On a personal note I disagree with that, because 2016 became much more significant due to the influence that Trump ended up having on the Supreme Court. In any case, the response to a loss of the executive branch could end up being a curious one.

If Joe Biden wins, the Republican response is going to dictate how people will view Republicans as a party for many years to come. Back in 2016, there were memes upon memes that were created mocking the political left and their inability to accept the results of that election. If in 2020 Republicans act the exact same way after we figure out all this nonsense, all of their  legitimacy in the eyes of many Americans may go out the window. The reason being is that Republicans for many years, even before Donald Trump portrayed themselves as the thinking man's party, considered that the Republicans were the rational ones and the Democrats were nutjobs and sore losers.

Speaking as somebody who is a right-leaning individual, I don't want to see the Republican party abandon logic, reason, and analytical mindset just because we lost one branch of the government. I don't want us to hedge all of our bets on the future of this nation solely on the back of Donald Trump. That's not fair to other conservative people, that's not fair to the lawmakers and judges, and that's also not fair to the president. Ultimately, we place too much importance on the president to begin with. So if we act like the presidency is the end of the world, what does that say about our understanding of how government works? What does that say about our ability to learn and adapt? Nothing positive, I can assure you.

It may come across as sacrilege for a Chicago Bears fan to quote Vince Lombardi, but he got it right when he said, “it's not whether or not you get knocked down, it's if you get back up.” So if Republicans lose the presidency, gain the Senate, and gain significant ground in the House of Representatives and then cry about it then it's going to make them look stupid. If Trump loses, Republicans simply need to figure out why. Don't point fingers, don't give in to doom and gloom, and don't make excuses. If Republicans win, they should still do all of the above because the race shouldn't have been as close as it is. 

It's either that, or we run Corn Pop in 2024.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.