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4 Nov, 2020 04:21

Trump’s minority support sends identity-obsessed woke poseurs over the edge

Trump’s minority support sends identity-obsessed woke poseurs over the edge

As election night raged on, President Trump once again defied expectations in Florida and won the state – fueled, apparently, by unprecedented support from Hispanic and black voters.

Liberals love to denounce Trump as a devout racist, but his victory in the Sunshine State (and maybe re-election) thanks to Latino and black voters, is a gloriously resounding rebuke to racial and ethnic identity politics.

The woke reaction to this stunning admonishment has been to let their diversity loving masks fall and reveal their true racist nature by questioning the bona fides of certain Latinos and chastising them for thinking on their own.

For instance, Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times editor who created the controversial Pulitzer Prize-winning 1619 Project, tweeted after Trump won Florida that she was going to “write a piece about how Latino is a contrived ethnic category that lumps white Cubans with Black Puerto Ricans and Indigenous Guatemalans and helps explains why Latinos support Trump at the second highest rate.”

This was followed by a tweet from commentator Jemele Hill that stated, “If Trump wins re-election, it’s on white people. No one else.”

According to Hannah-Jones and Hill, we don’t need to follow Dr. Martin Luther King’s desire to judge people by the content of their character, instead we must only judge people by the color of their skin and their mindless dedication to the woke cause.

What Jones and Hill are really doing here is putting a twist on Joe Biden’s memorably paternalistic claim to black voters during the campaign that if they consider voting for Trump, “they ain’t black!”

For Jones and Hill, if Latinos vote for Trump, they must be those evil “white Latinos,” while the ‘real’ Latinos, like the black Puerto Ricans and Indigenous Guatemalans, think the same way she does. Of course, she has no idea what the breakdown of the Latino vote is, but she is incapable of seeing things through any other filter than black versus white.

One can’t help but wonder what vitriol Jones and Hill privately spew towards the black voters who voted for Trump in Florida and substantially boosted his chances of victory. I assume they think they really “ain’t black,” and if they are black then they must be self-loathing Uncle Toms or some other repulsive slur.

What Trump’s solid showing with Hispanics and blacks in Florida really shows is that the vapid woke pandering on race and ethnicity resonates more with comfortable suburban white voters who want to signal their phony virtue than it does with actual minorities.

It is like the demand from Black Lives Matter in the wake of the George Floyd death for cities to ‘Defund the Police’. That plays well in suburbs where crime isn’t an issue, but in poor, crime infested, inner-city neighborhoods, that message is not going to go over so well.

Another example is Latino voters, many of whom are either immigrants or direct descendants of immigrants. They didn’t come to America thinking it was the racist hellhole that Hannah-Jones and her 1619 Project make it out to be. They see America as a glorious opportunity to better themselves and their children.

These Latinos don’t watch the Black Lives Matter riots over the summer and sympathize with the looters, they empathize with the store owners who were having their life’s work destroyed.

The same disconnect is true regarding the incessant claim to victimhood by the proponents of wokeness. Social Justice Warriors demand that minorities embrace victimhood, but you know what? Most people don’t want to be victims, don’t want to be told what to think and don’t want to be seen as avatars for some soulless identity group, but rather as individuals.

This is not a black, white, Latino or Asian thing… this is a human thing. Human beings, no matter their race, ethnicity or any other identifying trait, are all unique and want to be seen and treated accordingly.

One would hope that this slap in the face to Social Justice Warriors and the woke brigade would snap them out of the spell of identity politics. But I doubt that happens.

The woke will never take responsibility for their failure. There will be no introspection, no self-evaluation and re-configuration. There will only be more blame.

In fact, I am sure these Latinos who voted for Trump will no doubt become the villains of 2020, replacing Russians from the 2016 election.

In conclusion, Trump’s minority support in Florida speaks volumes about the amazing power of the melting pot of America, and the vicious, venal and vacuous nature of those who live and die by the woke sword of identity politics.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.