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23 Oct, 2020 15:07

Blaming Russia for Hunter’s problems was a big misstep, Joe, and it may prove to be your downfall

Blaming Russia for Hunter’s problems was a big misstep, Joe, and it may prove to be your downfall

Joe Biden recently suggested that stories circulating about his son Hunter were part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Whatever he has or hasn’t been up to, blaming another nation is unwise and won’t go down well with voters.

It’s safe to say that Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden, is having a rough time. After the contents of his laptop, including details of his international business dealings, came into the public domain, it transpired that the computer had been the subject of a subpoena in a money-laundering investigation. Now, former business partners are beginning to turn on him, and one of them has said that he’s turning “everything” over to the FBI and the Senate. Another one claimed that Biden was consulted with regard to Hunter’s foreign deals.

During the second and final presidential debate, Biden made a key mistake when it came to addressing these issues. Instead of simply stating that he had no comment to make, he decided to blame Russia for the fact that Hunter’s emails had been leaked from the laptop’s hard drive. Ah yes. So we're back to that old ‘reliable’ narrative. I'm assuming that Joe may have missed the embarrassment that was the Mueller investigation

Maybe Biden doesn’t like Russia. Whether he does or doesn’t is inconsequential. It is a very bad idea to blame his problems on a foreign power. In fact, it's not the proper behavior of someone who wants to be president. Here’s the truth. Hunter Biden's dealings across the pond likely had some issues. It's hard to say exactly what these might be, because there’s an ongoing investigation. I don’t think that Biden is so dumb that he doesn't realize that this hurts his chances of the presidency. However, there is a big lack of responsibility here. Blaming what's happening on anyone except Hunter is a bit silly. I'd even argue that it’s incredibly irresponsible.

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What’s even more obvious is the desperation. Biden and the Democrats in general want this story, whatever it is, to be squashed. It's why you have seen so little coverage on left-leaning TV networks. If Donald Trump Jr was in a similar situation it would be a story on every single one of them, and likely the subject of a Don Lemon lecture or five.

What Biden may not realize is that when voters see something being blamed on Russia, they tend to roll their eyes. It invokes the image of Boris and Natasha grabbing a laptop in the hopes of finally grabbing the moose and squirrel. It’s cartoonish. And what happens if the worst-case scenario for Biden comes true and his son is indicted for something? Well, at that point it's more than just a ‘Russian disinformation campaign’. It's very real indeed.

And this is where Biden could end up with plenty of egg on his face. If he and his son are in trouble, then no amount of blaming another country is going to change that. And it wouldn't surprise me if this becomes a major factor in the upcoming election. Why would you vote for someone who can’t, or won’t, take responsibility for what is going on with their own family? 

What Biden needs to do at this point is come clean on what his level of involvement was, and simply be a dad to his son instead of a politician. Then again, Biden has been a politician longer than he's been a father, so it's hard saying which hat he plans on wearing for the next two weeks.

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