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12 Oct, 2020 12:40

By poking fun at Karens, gay people & the woke, comedian Bill Burr finally injected some much needed life into the dreadful SNL

By poking fun at Karens, gay people & the woke, comedian Bill Burr finally injected some much needed life into the dreadful SNL

Saturday Night Live has become a haven for limp, politically correct comedy, but this weekend Bill Burr burned down the house with a searing monologue that came with a New York Times health warning.

Bill Burr, a brilliant and curmudgeonly stand-up comedian who refuses to kowtow to the politically correct, went scorched earth in his SNL monologue on Saturday night by taking on cancel culture, self-serving white women and their performative woke posturing, and Gay Pride Month. 

Burr’s monologue was apparently so incendiary the New York Times felt it needed a trigger warning, “Burr used his opening monologue to mock some sensitive topics – feel free to skip this section if you find that style of comedy distasteful.”

The monologue took flight when Burr ranted about people trying to cancel the long-dead John Wayne for an interview he gave in 1970, which was met with a confused smattering of applause. Apparently, the SNL audience, like New York Times readers, aren’t used to comedy that isn’t entirely PC, impotent and toothless.

Then things got really spicy. When speaking of the woke movement, Burr observed, “It should’ve been about people of color… somehow white women swung their Gucci-footed feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line.”

The studio audience met that insightful bit with cold silence, while the house band behind Burr were frozen in woke shock, never laughing, clapping or moving once throughout his monologue.

Not surprisingly, Karens on Twitter had a conniption in response, which of course just made Burr’s point for him. It was like the old joke, “hey, I resemble that remark!” made manifest.

One incensed viewer tweeted, “That just looks like misogyny to me. I would respect that if it came from a black woman and not a white dude…”

Another snowflake courageously tweeted, “Bill Burr’s opening monologue is just obnoxious and misogynistic. It’s 2020. Someone tell him calling women ‘bitches’ isn't funny.”

Burr’s final assault on the woke came when he brought up the injustice of Gay Pride Month being all of June while Black History Month, which is for people “who were actually enslaved,” is in February, the coldest and shortest month of the year.

Burr joked, “These are equator people give them the sun for 31 days. There’s gay Black people, they could celebrate from June 1, June 31… 61 days to celebrate.”

This was met on Twitter with charges of homophobia as one dullard tweeted, “Cool so bill burr went from misogynistic to homophobic. Time to go to bed.”

Burr’s crime of whiteness arose once again when someone tweeted, “hey bill burr i don’t think you should push the racist homophobic agenda on an snl sketch coming from a straight white male it’s not funny.”

The woke poseurs claiming Burr is racist either don’t know or don’t care that his wife is black, which should maybe blunt charges of racism.

The type of white people who love the safe comedy of SNL and hate Burr are the kind who adore Kamala Harris, because they want a black female president for no other reason than identity politics and thinking it makes them not racist, even though Harris is loathed by many actual black people.

The Karens outraged by Burr’s blunt truth-telling live safe, suburban lives and use tears and tantrums to get what they want, which is a cozy cocoon of silence and obedience. They refuse to have their vapid ideology confronted and will never engage in debate, only shrieking and wailing. Burr did us all a favor by tearing down their farcical facade.

Some might say the audience and band’s dismissive reactions and the outrage on Twitter mean that Burr comedically failed, but I think it actually signals his unparalleled success.

Burr went into the woke lion’s den and poked the evil beast right in the eye. While he didn’t get many laughs in the studio, he got a ton of them in my living room and no doubt in other living rooms across the country.

Unfortunately, SNL has devolved from the height of its powers under the manic genius of John Belushi, the edgy brilliance of Eddie Murphy and the cartoonish buffoonery of Will Ferrell, into its current flaccid form, which is a cesspool of insipid anti-comedy that prefers to be safe and politically correct than to be daring and funny. Well, safe and politically correct is not how Bill Burr, or any great comedian, rolls.

The woke on Twitter and others bemoaning Bill Burr’s bludgeoning of political correctness on SNL are the same type of people who would have scolded George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and Billy Connolly out of existence.

One need only watch the rest of the show, with its inane and unfunny sketches, as well as its overly long and painfully tedious cold open, to see that Burr’s monologue was the only thing on the entire program with a pulse (Jack White’s scintillating musical performances aside).

Sadly, there is no way Bill Burr will ever be invited back on SNL, which is a shame, because his aggressive, take no prisoners, tell-it-like-it-is type of energy is exactly what makes for great comedy, is the secret ingredient that made the once iconic show successful in the first place, and is the only thing that could ever return it to prominence once again.

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