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28 Sep, 2020 14:58

Woke Witchfinder General Laurence Fox’s new party could be the breath of fresh air UK politics needs

Woke Witchfinder General Laurence Fox’s new party could be the breath of fresh air UK politics needs

Actor Laurence Fox is the unlikely leader of a new political movement looking to reclaim British values and pride in our heritage. Liberals are appalled, but it’s going to be fun watching him rattle the establishment.

You can already tell how the liberal establishment feel about a new political party when their bible, The Guardian, headlines its storyLaurence Fox launching political party to ‘reclaim’ British values,” using the oh-so-knowing single quotes cuddling the infinitive to suggest a folly from the outset.

That punctuation device is often used when speaking, fingers wiggling around an imaginary word written in the air, to mock and dismiss the very idea with a tedious teenage sarcasm. ‘Reclaim’ British values? Oh, of course, it’s that unreconstructed dinosaur Laurence Fox banging on with his young fogey attitudes.

The Guardian readers do not care for Mr Laurence Fox. They thought he was one of their own. After all, he’s a luvvie actor, a singer, songwriter, cousin of the delightful Emilia and son of a dynasty of posh-speaking British actors. He was even in ‘Lewis,’ the popular television detective series for heaven’s sake. 

And when it became clear that Mr Fox was not actually on the same page as them politically, well, he needed to be told in no uncertain terms how beastly he had turned, what a disappointment he had turned out to be and then cast aside, to be shouted down in future or simply ignored like the rabble he had clearly become.

And his crimes?

Why, he said the treatment of Meghan Markle by the British public and the media did not amount to racism. Out loud! On BBC ‘Question Time’!

He also said it was “odd” to see a Sikh soldier in a scene in 1917, a film about World War I. And then, in the unforgivable act of turning fire on his own, he had a pop at black and working class actors for only criticising the showbiz industry once they had “five million quid in the bank.”

Never mind that a significant proportion of the population would agree entirely with these relatively uncontroversial sentiments, the social justice warriors are out for blood and will do everything they can to destroy him and the Laurence Fox Party.

They do not want Laurence Fox to succeed in his stated mission to “reclaim a respectful nation where all are included and none are ashamed to have somewhere to call home.” And why do his enemies wish him to fail? Well, he’s a white, heterosexual male in his 40s. What else needs to be said?

But it will take more than an orchestrated Twitter trolling to deter father-of-two Fox, already dubbed the Woke Witchfinder General.

He told one interviewer earlier this year: “If you want to eviscerate me for having an opinion, then there’s something extremely wrong with our culture. And if it takes some k***bish d**khead, half-educated t**t like me (to point this out)... I can barely put a thought together, I’m that ill-educated. I mean, I went to Harrow.”

How infuriating for The Guardian that @LozzaFox even has some of that rare commodity in politics – self-awareness. 

The supernova-like birth of a new movement is always exciting, particularly when the cash starts pouring in, the media begins to pay attention and everyone you talk to is supportive and on board. No one, it seems, thinks you’re chasing phantoms. But it’s also a time for caution. The snakes, the self-servers, the egotists and the saboteurs can also see what’s going on.

The scent of success is already working on them. They’ll try to weasel up and claim space within the movement for their own self-aggrandisement, to satisfy an appetite for fame, power or money, and they need to be spotted and distanced very early on.

They’ll write a cheque for the cause and then think you are their personal plaything, ready to be trotted out like a dancing bear, at their command. And that, if it gets out of hand – and believe me, it can happen without you even noticing – is exhausting, draining, demoralising and ultimately self-defeating.

I’ve seen this disturbing behaviour up close at a high level in British politics. I know the damage it can do to a political party and the cancerous effect that these narcissists and psychopaths can have on morale.

If the movement is to grow and Fox is to secure real buy-in, and not just from time-wasting political suck-ups, he needs to ensure a team of reliable lieutenants are on the ball and can articulate a shared vision before releasing them into the wilds of Westminster and beyond to spread the word.

He has attracted £5million in donor funding so far, he has his hands freshly inked with his new twin themes of “Freedom” and “Space” and the battle lines have been drawn in the sand.

It is certainly time for this Fox to run riot in the political henhouse. I can think of nothing more I will enjoy over the coming weeks than seeing the feathers fly.

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