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23 Sep, 2020 16:19

How can we trust the National Trust if they conflate Kipling and Churchill with slavers to pander to the woke mob?

How can we trust the National Trust if they conflate Kipling and Churchill with slavers to pander to the woke mob?

The UK heritage protection charity has conducted a review into ‘colonialism and slavery’ links in its property portfolio, in a pathetic and baffling attempt to curry favour with people who despise Britain’s history.

The National Trust has become the latest group in Britain that has decided it would rather pander to the woke mob than do its actual job. The organisation, who’s proper function is to ensure old houses are still in good enough condition for people to walk round for an hour or two before buying some disappointing cake in an overpriced café, has commissioned a report into its properties “links to colonialism and slavery” and come up with a black list (excuse the pun) of racist buildings. I’m sure this is exactly what its members pay their £72 a year for. 

According to their audit of colonialism they have found 93 properties that have connections with colonialism and slavery. To be honest I’m surprised it isn’t a higher number considering Britain did once have the largest empire the world had ever seen, so well done to our ancestors for being more woke than I’d thought. The report tells us that “for 500 years British colonialism was fundamental to British social, economic, political, and cultural life. This was allied with a belief in white racial and cultural superiority. This is reflected across many National Trust places and collections. “ 

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So, there you go, there’s a nice dollop of white supremacy to go with your mediocre tea and scones. The review was apparently commissioned before BLM and their associates decided to spend the summer defacing and ripping down statues, but whether that is true or not whoever conducted it has clearly imbibed the critical race theory kool-aid. This is obvious because among the properties that have been declared problematic are Winston Churchill’s family home and Rudyard Kipling’s. 

This is relevant is because both Churchill and Kipling have become a real bête noire to the kind of people who believe this nonsense of late. The reason for this is purely because they are famous and much loved, Kipling for his writings and Churchill for the small matter of beating the Nazis. Obviously both men had flaws, but they are not celebrated for their flaws, they are celebrated for the things they did that were objectively great. Kipling’s home, Bateman’s in East Sussex, in particular is a stretch since the house itself doesn’t have links to colonialism, merely his literary output was “about the British Empire”. Of course it was, he wrote about what he knew and he travelled around the Empire.

What the National Trust don’t seem to realise here, is that they are taking the advice of people who despise everything they stand for. The type of people that whine about endemic white supremacy, critical race theory and “decolonising” things fundamentally dislike Britain and Western culture. They blame it for every ill that has befallen the world and they do not want it to either succeed or continue.  “Decolonising” things in Britain makes no sense, Britain was not a colony, it was the coloniser, therefore “decolonising Britain” really means “destroying British history”.

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Think of it from a personal standpoint, would you take life advice from someone you knew actively wanted you not to succeed? No, it wouldn’t make any sense too, you take advice from people you know want the best for you, not the ones hoping that you fail. So why is an organisation like the National Trust listening to people who sympathise with the tearing down statues brigade? If your very function is conservation why would you give any time to these year zero iconoclasts? 

This is why they dishonestly conflate figures like Churchill and Kipling with slavers like Edward Colston, they wish to paint them in the worst light possible to demoralise this country and rob us of our national heroes. Britain as a country shouldn’t stand for this and most certainly the National Trust should be robustly defending our history, not kowtowing to the disingenuous woke mob.

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