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8 Sep, 2020 21:33

Wayne Dupree: Here’s 5 things President Trump should do now to thwart potential election sabotage this November

Wayne Dupree: Here’s 5 things President Trump should do now to thwart potential election sabotage this November

There’s a whole bunch of dirty tricks being planned by the Democrats and their allies to try to make sure the Republicans lose the White House. Here’s my (unsolicited) advice about how to combat it.

The Democrats will use every weapon in their toolbox to win this election. They've been fighting for this moment ever since they lost the 2016 election. This time around, they have the money to do it – Joe Biden raised more than $300 million in August alone, and with MSM acting as cheerleaders for them, the Democrats don't have to spend as much on campaign ads.

The problem for them is, will they have enough smarts to finish the job? Probably not.

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As I said, the Dems are spending very little of it on campaigning, most of it is going on media ads and projects like the post-election legal maneuvering analyzed above.

The core problem facing this country is this: Massive overspending has allowed corrupt politicians and a number of giant companies to gain a legal but cancerous stranglehold on our most cherished institutions, especially education and a free press. I'm reminded of the movie Alien, wherein a face-sucking creature manages to insert its tentacles into John Hurt's throat while wrapping its tail around his neck. When they try to remove it, it threatens to cut off his oxygen.

Here’s my (unsolicited) advice to President Trump as he grapples with these realities 55 days out from the election.

Step One: Lay all your cards on the table. President Trump should make a national address and tell the country about the threat that we are facing in the upcoming election. Then he should make a bold prediction as to the exact steps that the Democrat Party will take in the days ahead.

Step Two: Demonstrate what the Democrats will do. Show how they have and will mail out undeliverable ballots by the tens of thousands in districts and states they control. These ballots will never see the light of day in those states, but will be collected by US postal employees and magically reappear in swing states. Tell America when and how these ballots will begin showing up at polling places – if we don't take action NOW. They will have to be challenged because they will have invalid signatures, addresses, etc.

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Step Three: Threaten severe legal penalties against anybody caught committing voter fraud. Not just fines, but guaranteed jail time.

Step Four: Offer rewards for anyone who provides evidence that results in the successful prosecution of a fraudster. President Trump should also offer a small reward, maybe ten bucks per ballot, for anyone who turns in a ballot or ballots that were mailed to the wrong address or left at a postal stop.

Step Five: Set up an emergency department to control all the above. It might cost the government ten or twenty million bucks, but it would help get those ballots out of circulation. Furthermore, it would create distrust against the organizers of ballot harvesting activities.

We are in at least the third generation of a Deep State bureaucracy of incompetent experts and with each generation the hubris of these fools has grown almost as quickly as their assumption of power. The only thing that has grown faster than their incompetent arrogance is their corruption.

Money flows out of DC in the form of printing and contracts. Money flows into DC from individuals, corporations, and foreign governments buying the decisions of the politicians and bureaucrats about where the printing press output and the contracts go. When every decision means millions get directed at one group or another, which also means power gets moved from one group or another, everyone has a vested interest in what happens.

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Take Covid-19 for example. How much do you think has been paid to keep it called Covid-19 and not what it is, the China flu? It was Spanish flu in 1918, and it’s China flu in 2020. I believe China inflicted the disease upon the world to stop their plan for world domination being thwarted by Trump.

Beyond Soros's ideological types, there are many American billionaires and corporations that stand to lose many of their billions if Trump were to succeed in that. From Steve Jobs's widow with her billions in Apple’s China factories, to Google with its growing world dominance, they all want to continue their profitable relationships with Beijing.

That is one example and one country. Every politician and bureaucracy has its own profitable deals going and none of them wants the probe of the Deep State to continue. Every one of them is trying to stop the Trump train.

Regardless of how this election turns out, the Democrats' attempts to destroy our Republic will only be postponed. It will take a concerted effort by you, your family and friends to continue the fight, literally. You see their precursor to the destruction of America from the daily statistics coming from Chicago, a situation we would be appalled about if the bloodshed were happening in a war.

Whatever political side you are on, you have to know that I only want what's best for the American people and Biden is not the answer to the problem. Let's just say that adding the former VP to the situation is like adding gasoline to a brush fire.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.