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21 Jul, 2020 20:01

Wayne Dupree: Vaccine for thee but not for me. Here’s why I don’t trust any rushed shots

Wayne Dupree: Vaccine for thee but not for me. Here’s why I don’t trust any rushed shots

I have said this since day one! It is inevitable you’ll have those who refuse to take the vaccine, even though President Trump has been promoting one that’s on its way and would likely hit the stage before the end of the year.

What will happen after that vaccine has been cleared? Will the powers-that-be force you to accept it, otherwise, you can’t come back to work, your kids can’t set foot in school? Will businesses refuse patrons entrance because they’re not vaccinated? Just imagine the upcoming lawsuits – which is probably why Senate leader Mitch McConnell wants to write in legislation exempting businesses from lawsuits.

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Developing any type of vaccine requires meticulous, methodical research, and the willingness to scrap ideas that don’t pan out and start over again from scratch. I don’t see that happening, with the pressure to produce a vaccine amid a pandemic as devastating to all aspects of life as this one. And with several companies and groups trying to be the first to get a vaccine to market, I’m afraid the company that receives the approval may be the one with the best political connections, not the best and safest vaccine. Considering the number of post-market drug recalls and withdrawals in the past few years, the US’ Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have the best track record on vetting the research.

I ask once again: how can the public trust a drug that’s made in haste while the scientific community is still learning the remaining health problems the virus has created in people who’ve contracted it and lived? The government is not instilling any confidence that whatever is produced will be in our best interest.

How can you not be seriously skeptical of any vaccine produced in the current climate of hate, fear, and political pressure? You should be. Right now, I would feel about as safe trying a Covid-19 vaccine as I would trying one of the potion recipes in the Harry Potter books.

Vaccines should NEVER be mandatory. You don’t have to be an anti-vaxer to mistrust a vaccine with rushed clinical trials and, especially, no longitudinal studies. I’m not the only human being on this planet who feels vaccines are NOT all safe. Many are apprehensive they would compromise their immune systems, while the anti-vax community has some valid reasons why they’re against it. All concerns need to be listened to. Simply pushing anything mandatory on Americans is plainly unconstitutional!

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The more I write, the more angry I get. Why would I want to be injected with a vaccine that was created in some six months for a NEWLY DISCOVERED virus that has some 97 percent survival rate? Most who get it apparently don’t even know they have it, and most of those who do are over their symptoms in days and then have natural antibodies to protect them from future infections.

In addition, if the vaccine has anything to do with Bill Gates, as we’re hearing, I would definitely stay away from it. I’m on the bandwagon with those who think he’s part of the New World Order. Many have talked about Gates’ microchipping projects being part of the vaccine – whether you believe that or not, I know one thing: he puts on a humanitarian face, but money is at the root of this man’s brain. And how do you trust someone who can’t fix bugs in his own software, with constant updates, but claims he’s going to fix a pandemic?

This is why I’m saying no vaccine for me, but do you know who should take the vaccines first? Congress. Congress should be the first to get vaccinated to see if there are any short- or long-term side-effects. You know the old story, how Congress passes laws but they don’t pertain to the lawmakers who place their signature on the line to pass them.

Let's not kid ourselves, if the Democratic socialists win the White House and the Senate, they’ll probably make vaccines mandatory, and introduce harsh punishments for those who refuse. But the bottom line is this: it should be my decision, not the government’s.

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I haven't had a flu shot in 20 years and I’m fine. I don’t trust the government or any agenda-driven political party, especially when they to try to fix mistakes by throwing money at the situation and not working on solutions for the American people. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as afraid as anyone of catching this virus, but common sense tells me that getting any vaccine they MAY be able to muster up in a few months’ time would be risky at this point, especially for children. And I don’t care who the president is, or what administration we’re under, that has nothing to do with it. A quick put-together vaccine should make anyone leery.

You do what you want and I’ll continue to do what I want. I know I’m blowing off steam, but there are hundreds… no, thousands… no millions… who are riding in my boat, and we are comfortable with our decision of NO MANDATORY VACCINE.

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