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21 Jul, 2020 13:49

Trump sends in the feds – when mayors let Antifa riots fester, what did they think would happen?

Trump sends in the feds – when mayors let Antifa riots fester, what did they think would happen?

Recently, the department of Homeland Security sent forces to Portland to stop rioters. With news breaking that they’ll come to Chicago next, it shows Trump is stepping up where the mayors would not.

The riots that came after the death of George Floyd were unprecedented. Several big cities went ablaze and even smaller ones, such as my own, saw looting and break-ins. Many of these instances were escalated by the Marxist group known as Antifa, which stands for Anti-Fascist Action. As detailed in Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, they are a loosely organized group that are by their nature militant. They believe in “proactive self-defense” against fascism. Granted they define fascism as anything that isn’t Anarcho-Communism and “proactive self-defense” is just a fancier way of saying “attack whoever isn’t us.”

Around the 18th of this month, the Department of Homeland Security here in America deployed an elite unit to Portland. This group, known as the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (or BORTAC for short) was brought in after President Trump signed an executive order to protect American monuments, memorials, statues, and federal property. However, the purpose of this unit is much less complicated than that. It’s part of a larger effort to bring an end to the constant rioting and property damage that these Marxists have caused. 

Now, this was an inevitability, once Trump signed that executive order, that some group would be moving in, but the DHS handles terrorism. On top of this, Attorney General William Barr has stated that he’s already investigating members of Antifa. But why exactly have we reached this point where the Fed has to get involved? It’s simple. The mayors of the biggest cities in the United States have been completely complacent about these crises. 

Any mayor with a spine would have let their police force take care of the riots, and make sure that the people disperse. They didn’t. In Minneapolis, a police department was completely overrun and nothing happened. Portland had over forty days of constant rioting. There is still property destruction going on. There’s so much that could be done by the police, or even the national guard, but nothing ever is. This is because the mayors of these cities are coddling people who want to set everything on fire.

I believe in Federalism. It is a good way to run a government. However, part of the reason that we have Federal law enforcement in the first place is to handle incredibly complex cases or to handle domestic terror cases. At the same time, Antifa isn’t exactly the Weathermen. Similar philosophies, but the methods of destruction are different. There shouldn’t need to be a federal presence at all. Local law enforcement, SWAT and riot police should be able to handle these issues. If not, the National Guard would be able to handle this. They have the tools at their disposal. The only reason this could have come to this is inaction.

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The duty of the Government in the United States is to defend the inalienable rights of the citizen. Life, liberty, and property as outlined in our Constitution. Rioting by its nature encourages all of those to be violated. If the local government won’t do enough or isn’t enough, the state comes next. If the state doesn’t do it, the Federal has to. As such, each of these cities has basically invited Trump to take care of it how he chooses. Beyond that, many people may remember this during the election.

In essence, the Leftists in our current government while trying to “resist” Donald Trump may as well have invited him to personally solve their problems, all while the nation sees him as a hero.

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