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25 Jun, 2020 17:28

As another pro-Trump activist gets banned from Twitter, here’s how Big Tech intends to sway the 2020 election for the Democrats

As another pro-Trump activist gets banned from Twitter, here’s how Big Tech intends to sway the 2020 election for the Democrats

As we get closer to the US Presidential election, the pressure is ramping up for the left. But their allies in Big Tech are setting the board to help the candidates they want to win. And guess what – they’re not Republicans.

There’s been worry about big tech companies having a specific political bias for many years. The firing of James Damore brought major attention to it given how he was let go from his job, and there have been multiple hearings on Capitol Hill on this concern. 

Republican senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Joshua Hawley of Missouri especially have been keen to point out these issues of bias in those hearings. Independent journalist Tim Pool was featured on the Joe Rogan podcast bringing these issues up directly to the heads of Twitter as well, sadly to no avail. 

Despite previous concerns and even the possibility of legislation that could affect how these companies run their businesses, it seems there’s little care from the tech giants, who seem to believe they can act as they wish, with impunity.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, has stated that if a politician gets their video taken down for having – in YouTube’s opinion – indulged in “hate speech,” the mainstream media can reupload it because they provide “context.” I can’t be the only one who thinks that this is backwards. The original clip is the context. I don’t need Don Lemon to shed alligator tears over something for me to understand it. 

Beyond that, who is it that decides what is and isn’t hate speech? YouTube? In that case, the definition is whatever they want it to be at that exact moment. So if “hate speech” is talking about border security and law enforcement, you’re not going to see much from Conservatives without a spin from CNN or The Young Turks. 

Twitter also recently suspended the popular pro-Trump memester Carpe Donktum, whose memes have been retweeted by the President before. The ban is also permanent, with the tech giant citing copyright infringement in the decision. 

The problem is that the memes usually shared by Donktum are obviously transformed media, which would fall under fair use protection. Similar tactics have been used on YouTube to silence opinions as well by burying people in copyright claims so that their opinions can be bogged down in complaints rather than be seen by the public at large.

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The game that Big Tech is playing is rather obvious to anyone with a set of eyes. There is a desire by these tech giants to shutter the opinions of people on the right that might sway opinion towards voting for Donald Trump. 

We live in a time where these big companies have managed to make the public forum into a monetized business, and there have been many positives that have come of it. However, the problem is that there is exactly zero respect for the First Amendment of our constitution. They’re happy to stifle speech they don’t agree with simply because of a different opinion or worldview. 

However, like the foolish tactics of Black Lives Matter, these sorts of things don’t go unnoticed. As time has gone on, it’s obvious that these folks don’t understand what the Streisand Effect is. The more they try and sweep these conservative ideas and memes under the rug, the more people are going to want to see them. When people do see these opinions and realize they aren’t “hate speech” or anything of the sort, how do you think they’re going to vote? Here’s a hint. They’re not going to pull the lever for Joe Biden in the fall, that’s for sure. 

What’s funny about all of this is that American novelist and Daily Wire podcaster Andrew Klavan’s satire of Google’s actions has become a reality. Maybe the heads of Big Tech companies should just wear Cobra Commander costumes and be done with it.

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