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11 Jun, 2020 15:16

MSM's favorite feminist bully Anita Sarkeesian trashes ‘abusive’ Cards Against Humanity co-creator, but only after taking his cash

MSM's favorite feminist bully Anita Sarkeesian trashes ‘abusive’ Cards Against Humanity co-creator, but only after taking his cash

Never lacking reasons to insert herself under the spotlight, Anita Sarkeesian is once again using her feminist status to cancel a man over allegations of abuse, though in doing so her hypocrisy has been exposed for all to see.

With a post over on her Medium blog, the grifting queen comes out swinging and calls Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin an abuser. The catalyst for this is a thread on Twitter that makes some pretty wild leaps to arrive at the hot topic of the week, racism.

I recommend reading the thread for yourself, but the general gist is that the company Slack channel can be overly snarky – something to be expected given the game they create is sold on its offensive humor – and one employee didn’t like some responses she got to a request, so she looks for reasons to cry bigotry.

Considering all that’s happening throughout the world as issues on race become the main focus, Anita, always miraculously able to force herself into whatever is currently trending, seemingly decided to go the ashamed white ally route and bend over backwards to apologize for not sticking up for her fellow black feminists. This being the result of her long time friendship with Mr. Temkin. 

With loaded language she calls him a liar, and goes into a spiel about the power dynamics he holds and the way he abuses that power. Actions which she claims have led to a toxic, racist, and sexist workplace environment. 

Intermingled within all of this is a discussion of rape allegations from a supposed 2006 incident that were first brought to light in 2014. As per the blog post where the allegations were thrown up online, for eight years the person pushing the claim never reported it, or told others her story. She also expresses having no wish to press charges. And conveniently she wrote it all without revealing her full name. 

In a country where innocent until proven guilty is, or was, the mantra, the fact is that there’s nowhere near enough evidence to say with any certainty that Max Temin is a sexual harasser. In his own blogpost from 2014, he responded to the allegations and even revealed that he knows who made them. He also mentions how he could pursue legal recourse, such as suing for libel, but that he isn’t going to. 

Fast forward to today and his denial of sexual assault is now labeled by Sarkeesian as “deflected blame” and “implicit legal threats.” I guess if you’re falsely accused of rape you must just lay back and accept it. Grossly ironic, huh?

Anyone who has followed Sarkeesian’s career for any duration of time is all too well aware of the ways in which she takes allegations and touts them as fact. Arguably she had a hand in the suicide of Alec Holowka. He was a game developer accused of decade-old abuse by Zoe Quinn, and when this went down, Anita was quick to jump on the bandwagon to push her own brand while also touting such rhetoric as “believe women.” Though apparently that only extends to women who won’t hurt her financial ties, as during this period she was profiting due to her friendship with Max. 

She also has a history of using people and discarding them when she’s done. All things which are on full display in this latest debacle. 

By her own admittance she was friends with Max, even after knowing such allegations existed. She’s been on his podcast, and he on hers. She’s stayed at his home and used his Chicago office to complete work. On top of that, she’s accepted donations from the guy. And she’s teamed up with Cards Against Humanity for fundraising efforts

But now that she’s gotten what she needed, it’s time to throw him under the bus, which is exactly what she’s done. Her blog post ends with a call for people and businesses to cut all ties with Max and the companies he’s linked to. In her own words she wants to “reduce the amount of social power he wields.” In simpler terms, she wants to destroy him. 

Broken down, Anita was all too willing to financially thrive with the help of Max Temkin and Cards Against Humanity, but now that a bigger social trend is here, she’ll put on a show and ruin him because that’s where her next financial opportunity lies. Pay attention to how she always has a new reason to poke her head up with each major event. 

This is the Feminist Frequency grift. One you can easily spot due to the trail of bodies it leaves in its wake. 

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