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30 Apr, 2020 13:23

Rose McGowan’s tweet should be on the tombstone for #MeToo, a good movement killed by partisanship

Rose McGowan’s tweet should be on the tombstone for #MeToo, a good movement killed by partisanship

Actress Rose McGowan, once a ‘proud Democrat’, has tweeted a tearful rebuke of her own party’s current values. Her awakening, on the heels of the Joe Biden sex assault claim, should be marked as the day partisanship killed #MeToo.

“I used to be a proud democrat” stated Rose McGowan on Twitter. “I was always told it was the Democratic Party that were the good guys, that our papers were The New York Times and The Washington Post. But now I know too much. And I feel really quite a sense of loss tonight.” McGowan would go on to condemn both parties here in the United States as cults, and the entire tone of her post is one of immense regret and disappointment.  

Even in the midst of her woes, allow me to congratulate Miss McGowan for realizing how badly partisanship can screw up something you care about. Don’t forget to drink something after taking that red pill. Servings of humble pie are available as well, though judging by the tears she may have already had a slice. This is a very good example of the phrase “the truth hurts.” However, it also sets you free, so hopefully she can keep that in mind going forward. 

Earlier in April I wrote a piece predicting that partisanship would be the inevitable end of the movement, and it seems like that time has come. #MeToo started off as a movement that could have moved all of our respective cultures into a positive direction. No one wants to see anyone sexually victimized or abused. It’s a horrible crime and those who commit it should be punished harshly. With Harvey Weinstein behind bars, it shows the entire world that anyone can be brought down because of these sorts of crimes. But rather than promoting actual justice, it has grown into a weapon to use against your political opponents – as well as a tool of social justice, which is a perversion of justice. 

As time has gone on, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s accuser has been pushing more and more about what he allegedly did to her. Even so, mainstream media has completely ignored it until very recently. It comes across as something that the Democrats want to sweep under the rug, which runs contrary to what #MeToo says it was about. Thus the conflict. If you truly should “believe all women” then Tara Reade needs to be heard out. Investigation needs to happen. Her voice should be heard. However, that’s simply not happening.

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This is the inevitable toll of partisanship. It strips any and all logic out of a situation to simply protect “the party.” It’s ugly when any side of the political aisle does it, and it shows a massive lack of philosophical consistency. For the DNC, it’s not a good look at all, given how many politicians have taken the “believe accusers” mantra. Especially during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. One can recall the impassioned response from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham as the confirmation process became a witch hunt, but whether it’s him questioning Kavanaugh’s accuser or former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams questioning Biden’s, neither should be seen as toeing or breaking a line. There’s nothing wrong with questioning accusations. That’s part of the process and how you inevitably get to the truth.

Ultimately, this is the tombstone for #MeToo, and Rose McGowan’s tweet the perfect epitaph. Cause of death: slow poisoning with partisanship. Without logical and philosophical consistency, and without being about true justice, the movement had nothing to run on. An autopsy can likely reveal all of the moments where there were false accusations levied at men, lies made about right-leaning individuals with no value, and more concern about people voting Democrat than actually bringing criminals to justice.

Culturally speaking, it’s time to start the funeral. When it comes down to it, McGowan has realized what the rest of the culture is starting to realize as well. That politics should always come second to justice. Every time.

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