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13 Mar, 2020 12:37

Never reconciled to her 2016 defeat Hillary Clinton could try to make it to White House using Joe Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’

Never reconciled to her 2016 defeat Hillary Clinton could try to make it to White House using Joe Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’

There's growing speculation that Clinton is back, having nursed her wrath for four years after the 2016 election defeat. She believes if Biden wins and she’s the ticket as VP, she could rise to power given his cognitive decline.

The party is over. The Democrats’ dishing of Bernie Sanders for the second time makes a second Trump Term "highly likely".

Joe Biden will be dribbling at the mouth come November, possibly having committed an assault  or two along the way, and Trump will have played with him as the cat plays with the mouse, before killing and eating it.

The polite way of putting it is "cognitive difficulties," but Donald Trump and his gang are far from polite. They will call it what it is, however "deplorable." It is senility. A disqualification for having your finger on the nuclear button even more serious than the offence of being Donald Trump. His face appears made of wax, his eyes bloodied during one debate and his dentures flying out and across the studio floor in another.

The Democrats are about to field a candidate from a rigged contest, who can't say his own name or that of his closest people reliably, who forgets where he is and what he's running for, confuses his wife with his sister, and who regularly asks the voters out for a fight, calling them liars, a POS, and full of s***.

His creepy Joe record is as bad as his sleepy Joe. For a family audience, let me just put it this way: if you left your daughter or even your granddaughter on the lap of Joe Biden, you'd be as daft as he is.

And all this is before we consider his political record over 5 decades, from which he carries more baggage than UPS. And it’s the same color.

From his close friendship with segregationists, earlier support for the death penalty and role in the incarceration of a small nation of black people in America, through his witch-hunting of social security recipients, his part in the NAFTA de-industrialisation of the likes of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, his membership — as a kind of mascot — of the DNC elite and the Clinton and Obama Families, his support for the Iraq War and his subsequent lies (though he may have forgotten all about it) about his role in it. Biden IS the swamp.

Bernie Sanders, and even more so Tulsi Gabbard, have been systematically rigged out of the "Democratic" Party's contest, right down to the good old Tammany Hall counting (or not counting) of their votes. The movement of millions Sanders has built has been kicked in the guts and yet are to be asked to vote for the machine which did it. An even bigger proportion of them will decline the invitation this time than opted out the last time this happened, in 2016.

Which brings me to the Lady MacBeth, whose bloodied hand can be clearly glimpsed now amidst the Democratic carnage. 

Believe it or not, there is growing speculation that just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, like the shark in ‘Jaws,’ Hillary Clinton is back. 

Never reconciled to her defeat by Trump in 2016, she has nursed her wrath, against her enemies real or imagined, it doesn't matter which, for four long years.

She and her husband's closeness and financial relationship with both Weinstein and Epstein, the complete collapse of the Russiagate hoax, the discrediting of the Steele Dossier, the embroiling of the Biden branch of the Clinton Crime Family in the deep and murky waters of the Ukraine, all have failed to budge her from her entitled belief that she is the anointed one. 

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It is distinctly possible now, that Hillary will be on the Biden ticket as his Vice-Presidential nominee. Given his parlous mental-health, she believes that should he win she, like Lady MacBeth, will rise from being the power behind the throne, to sit on the throne herself. Indeed she may now be considering, that at the rate of decline of the ‘Ukrainian’ Candidate Joe Biden, the Democratic Convention, with or without Biden's agreement might remove him from the ticket altogether. Cut out the middle-of-the-road man so to speak.

On the face of it, nothing could energize the Donald Trump "basket of deplorables" more than this whole farrago. But the stock-markets are tumbling now, the oil-price on the skid. The impact of the virus and how it could hit under-prepared America with its Third-World health services for the poor and the uninsured cannot for now be safely calculated.

Politics in the time of the Corona may just be about to change everything. And not for the better.

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