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Court ban for Birmingham LGBT lesson protesters does nothing to address their concerns, or their lack of integration

Court ban for Birmingham LGBT lesson protesters does nothing to address their concerns, or their lack of integration
The court imposed ban on the anti-LGBT demonstrators at a Birmingham primary school, rather than quell the protests, may increase tensions in a community that already struggles to share the values of contemporary Britain.

Banning stuff is the surest way to ensure that, whatever it is that has been outlawed, it will continue to grow in popularity, nourished by the notoriety and suddenly a magnet to those who may not have been attracted by it as Version 1.0. So while it’s a good thing that the aggressive mob of mainly Pakistani-heritage Muslims protesting outside Anderton Park Primary School in Sparkhill, Birmingham will no longer be frightening the young pupils on their way to class, Birmingham City Council will discover that the ban on the anti-LGBT protest will not provide a solution to the underlying problem.

All the favorite liberal causes are here: gender lessons, religion, race and freedom of speech. Each of these has its supporters in this case, and while they all have sound, logical arguments none of them addresses the elephant in the room. And that is cultural integration.

This is the same area of east Birmingham that several years ago was the center of the Trojan Horse scandal, involving fake letters leaked to the media detailing an alleged Muslim plot to replace target and replace school teachers with Islamic radicals. Ofsted steamed in with emergency inspections, and five of the 21 schools in the area were immediately put into special measures.

Crucially, inspectors alleged that these schools had provided inadequate sex education, failed to teach students enough about belief systems other than Islam, segregated some classes according to gender, and discouraged boys and girls from socializing together.

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Anderton Park primary, the school at the center of the current row, is smack bang in the middle of that very same area. Sparkhill is an overwhelmingly Muslim area, and suffers from the twin scourges of poverty and gang activity. And while the ringleaders of the demonstrations, Shakeel Afsar and his sister Rosina, were not involved in the 2014 furor, they share the same cultural disconnect as the people who were running those schools that Ofsted found to be struggling with modern British values.

Take a look at the protestors. They include women in niqabs and burkas, clothing claimed by many to be cultural symbols of female oppression, holding placards declaring “Let my kids be kids”. It’s obvious that with this apparent lack of self-awareness or understanding of personal freedom, no matter what court action you take against their protest, they will never understand why their children are being taught the woke lessons of 2019 at primary school age, when so much of what LGBT equality is about flies directly in the face of their religion and cultural beliefs.

And as long as there are hand-wringing liberals insisting that imported cultures and values be allowed to operate outside of the contemporary British system without question, believing they can co-exist without ever clashing, then we will continue to face problems. Back in 2011, former PM David Cameron admitted that 30 years of multiculturalism had failed. He spoke of the problems the Muslim communities have with women’s rights and integration. Reversing the argument, Muslims at the time blamed the pressure to integrate as the reason why integration hadn’t happened. They also claimed that British people could be more welcoming.

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Nothing has changed. So here we are eight years later, dealing with yet another costly and divisive episode in the ongoing saga of failed integration. This time however, the problem is not Muslim extremism as it was in 2011, but the school parents’ lack of acceptance for the way that primary pupils learn about sex and gender.

Failing to get a grip on the values of the country which they choose to live in will continue to cause problems for these Muslims of Pakistani heritage in east Birmingham. And while it’s safe ground for many a liberal to look at the issue in terms of the LGBT lessons, religious freedom, race and the right to protest, the idea of insisting on cultural integration will not be entertained.

That blinkered approach is why we have ethnic ghettos and no-go areas in the UK, and why the liberals are so very wrong.

By Damian Wilson, UK journalist & political communications specialist

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