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21 Nov, 2019 18:05

Prince Andrew’s disastrous Epstein denial poses more questions than answers (VIDEO)

Prince Andrew’s disastrous Epstein denial poses more questions than answers (VIDEO)

The British royal family rarely give interviews, and watching Prince Andrew defend himself against allegations of underage sex and associating with a known paedophile, it became very clear why.

The Duke of York, known by some in the past as the party prince, has become a central figure in the scandal surrounding dead paedophile Jeffery Epstein.  The Queen’s second son was a friend to Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, stayed as a guest in a number of Epstein’s many houses, and a woman claims she was forced to have sex with His Royal Highness when she was just 17.

There are also allegations of foot massages from Russian beauties, and trips to sex islands on a private jet - it’s a very long list. 

Andrew denies any wrongdoing at all, but the string of accusations are so serious he clearly felt the need to ignore all sane PR advice and go on the BBC to clear his name. 

Frankly, he should have issued his denial, hidden in Buckingham Palace, and hoped the scandal would all blow over, because what followed was a backfiring of such epic proportions that he’s now reportedly been sacked by his own mother The Queen and will withdraw from public life.  Oh and he’s also facing questioning from US authorities over his friendship with Epstein. Having seen him deal with questions from a BBC reporter, I fear for his future. Actually, what am I saying, he’s a royal, he’ll be fine.

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Anyway, what we now know beyond doubt is that Royals do not do well when exposed to the light.  It’s clear that privilege bestowed by the luck of birth does not automatically mean members of the monarchy are also bestowed with talent, wit, intelligence or self-awareness.  For example the Queen is held in high esteem, but that reputation has been achieved largely by wearing colourful dresses and only speaking to the public on Christmas Day when everyone’s drunk anyway.

Prince Andrew lives such an other-worldly existence he had literally no idea he was heading into a car crash interview, and I suspect he didn’t realise he’d been in one even as he crawled from the wreckage.

He came armed with a string of excuses so bizarre they became memes almost before they’d left his lips.  Eyes alight with the sheer brilliance of his alibi, he explained he couldn’t have had relations with his accuser on a given date because he had been at a Pizza Express in Woking.  For international readers, Woking is a depressing commuter town most famous for being the setting of the original War of the Worlds, and Pizza Express is a business surviving through the sale of dough balls drenched in butter. 

The Prince says the trip was memorable because he rarely gets that close to proles eating food.  That’s not exactly what he said, but that’s the gist, and it was hardly endearing.

An even more memorable alibi saw Andrew deny his alleged victim’s account of seeing him perspiring on a dancefloor by insisting that during the period of time in question he was unable to sweat.  Perhaps David Icke is right after all!

At first watch of this interview, Prince Andrew’s insistence that he is completely innocent of any wrongdoing actually makes him look even guiltier, but there is definitely another way of looking at it.

During the interview, the matter of fact way he talks about shooting parties as if they’re as common as trips to the cinema, or the way he assumes anyone he doesn’t know is probably a member of staff, makes him seem so out of touch with reality there’s a very real chance he really did have no idea what Epstein was doing. There’s sufficient evidence he doesn’t know what he’s doing himself.

Unfortunately for him, a Yougov poll found only 6% of people actually believed him. Ouch.


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