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12 Sep, 2019 20:19

Targeting Trump is No.1 priority for the ‘Resistance’ – even if it means rehabilitating John Bolton

Targeting Trump is No.1 priority for the ‘Resistance’ – even if it means rehabilitating John Bolton

John Bolton’s departure from the White House was inevitable – as was his instant rehabilitation by the woke Resistance – but as the reasons for his ouster emerge, the bizarre embrace of this warmonger has only gotten worse.

First came the efforts to cast Bolton as some kind of “important check” on Donald Trump’s impulses. God forbid, after all, he might opt for diplomacy over sheer brute force.

Then Trump spoke and confirmed all their worst fears. Bolton’s “tough guy” rhetoric was indeed hampering diplomatic efforts with North Korea, particularly as he suggested the US follow the “Libya model” in dealing with Pyongyang.

The Libya model, lest we forget, ended with Muammar Gaddafi being sodomized with a bayonet by US-backed "rebels" before the country descended into total chaos; the once-rich state becoming ripe for Islamic State (IS,formerly ISIS) plunder and a hub for the slave trade. It’s no wonder, then, Trump said that Kim Jong-un wanted “nothing to do with” Bolton.

“How dare he side with Kim,” the ‘Resistance’ reflexively gasped in collective horror.

Even the ‘Squad’ joined in. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s contribution to the debate was a tweet appearing to side with the trigger happy Bolton. Naturally, she was quickly roasted in the replies and clarified in a subsequent tweet that it was of course “good” that the superhawk was out.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has previously shown she can do her homework on foreign policy matters, tweeted that Trump was siding with “yet another dictator.” She, too, was then forced to clarify that she does indeed “support diplomacy” with North Korea.

Evidently, the urge to take shots at Trump is far stronger — (and gets way more retweets, duh!) — than the urge to acknowledge the fact that he made a sane, sound, correct decision on this one.

Also on rt.com Bolton was ‘way out of line’ on Venezuela, Trump says… as Pompeo shells out more of the same policy

The ousted hawk admitted on television that regime change in Venezuela would be good “business” for American oil companies. He was also “devastated” that Trump didn’t bomb Iran in retaliation for the downing of an unmanned drone, which hurt no one. It’s almost like Bolton — who has lamented the need for international arms-control agreements — has dedicated his entire life to tirelessly agitating for death and destruction.

Bolton is not a man who deserves redemption. Nor is he a true patriot. It’s a good time to reiterate that, lest the ‘liberals’ forget about his litany of foreign policy sins spanning a decades-long career in chaos-making — chief among them his direct role in engineering the illegal and catastrophic invasion of Iraq.

Yet now, some of the ‘Resistance’ are even relying on this despicable war-loving ghoul to “write a book” that will scupper Trump’s reelection. It’s truly beyond parody.

Clearly, Trump should not be let off the hook when it comes to the foreign policy choices he made with Bolton at his side — and from Venezuela to Iran, there have been some terrible ones. For all his apparent newfound angst over how Libya turned out, Trump is still the man who said he was only interested in going into Libya “if we take the oil” — so the urge some feel to paint him as a benevolent dove is truly misguided.

But John Bolton’s departure from the White House — whether he was fired, resigned or catapulted from the Truman Balcony and disappeared in a cloud of smoke — can only be regarded as a positive development for the world.

Hand-wringing over why it happened is a pure waste of time.

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