Trump-Hitler analogies ‘sad testament to American educational system’

Trump-Hitler analogies ‘sad testament to American educational system’
Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler shows the ignorance and decay in the US educational system, to the point where we may be forced to repeat the mistakes of the past, says political analyst Charles Ortel.

Hitler analogies in US politics have become something of a trend this year. The latest victim was Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, for suggesting the US should work with Russia in Syria.

Political analyst Charles Ortel told RT the allegations against Trump are being used as a distraction.

RT: The Hitler card's often played against Trump, but now anti-Trump protesters seem to have fallen into their own trap. Do you think Hitler comparisons have been turned into a weapon in the US political debate?

Charles Ortel: For those of us who know something about the history of WWII and the run-up to WWII and Hitler himself, this is really proof-positive America’s educational system is not as far advanced as one might hope. To even dare compare Donald Trump to Hitler just proves the ignorance of people who make those assertions. And not to recognize some of the comments that came from Hitler himself and to applaud them when you are supposedly anti-Trump, again shows your ignorance. It is really a sad testament to what has happened with our educational system here in America since 1970. We don’t study the past, and it seems like we may be close to dooming ourselves by repeating the mistakes of the past.

RT: Back to the Fox News host being compared to a Nazi sympathizer. Why do you think the idea of America working with Russia prompted such an extreme response?

CO: I just think there is an element on the left that is very fond of gas lighting. That is to say when trouble is approaching; they come up with the most incendiary comments to distract from the real damage that is going to come to the Hillary Clinton side. They have come up with this enormous canard, they get the press whipped up and over here our mainstream press moves in lockstep. So if the theme comes down that we got to compare Trump to Hitler, you will see the Washington Post do it, the New York Times, the mainstream media, CNN, etc. I happen to know Tucker Carlson personally. He is a fair-minded person, very smart guy and the comments by his guests should consign that guest to never being back on any serious network again. He was a moron.

RT: How often is the Nazi card used against the president's supporters or Democrats?

CO: It has been used a lot more against Donald Trump than the Trump supporters would use it against the Democrats. I think what we have going on is the failure of globalist government and the failure of the entrenched wing of the Republican Party and the Democrats - the so-called Uniparty. We have people who are profiting off that cronyism, deathly afraid of what Donald Trump might do to change the system. And so they are tagging Donald Trump with all kinds of absurd accusations. And another convenient boogeyman is the Russian President.

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