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17 Jan, 2017 12:28

Davos elite play-acting as refugees ‘disgusting spectacle of small-minded rich people’

Davos elite play-acting as refugees ‘disgusting spectacle of small-minded rich people’

The reenactment of the refugee plight is a popular event at the Davos forum. How about a popular event of being in a place where your houses is bombed, and your mother and father are killed, asked Gerald Celente, publisher, The Trends Journal.

The 2017 World Economic Forum annual meeting opened on Tuesday in the luxury resort town of Davos in the Swiss Alps. The theme of this year's gathering is Responsive and Responsible Leadership.

The Davos forum is often viewed as a meeting of the rich and powerful.

At this year's forum participants will be able to pretend they are undergoing the same deprivation as refugees.

Before the Davos forum opened the charity Oxfam released a report into the growing gap between the rich and poor. According to the report, the eight richest people in the world now have the equivalent wealth to the poorest half of the world's population put together. Moreover, it also says the ten biggest corporations now have greater earnings than 180 governments combined.

RT: Do you think it's ok to simulate the refugee life with rich people?

Gerald Celente: Well, this is a camp for billionaires, and they are acting like they are little campers. These are the kind of people that in the US they put ‘no bullying zones’ in school, as though it is going to stop things. And it is cowardly of them, as well, because none of them talk about the cause and effect of what is causing the great refugee crisis. It couldn’t be because of the destruction of Iraq. No, that has nothing to do with it – that has killed over a million people. It has nothing to do with the destruction of Afghanistan, the longest war in American history. It has nothing to do with the US, NATO, and its coalition of the killing, slaughtering people throughout Syria and forcing them to leave their homes…

According to the New York Times, this is what they write: “One notable event is a simulation in Davos of a refugee’s experience, where Davos attendees crawl on their hands and knees and pretend to flee from advancing armies. It is one of the most popular events every year.” 

That is a popular event? How about a popular event of being in a place where your houses is bombed, and your mother and father are killed, and the soldiers are raping your sister. Could they deal with that? This is a disgrace, and it shows you the level of inconsideration, arrogance, and small-minded thinking of these little people with all of this money. This is a disgusting spectacle.

RT: Wouldn't it be better to send the money spent on the game to refugees?

GC: What you have in Davos? As the numbers are coming out, we have now eight people with more money than half the world’s population. The money in Davos could take care of refugee camps and migrants crises inflicting on other countries. But it is not in their interest, or so it is seems. Because again, the most important aspect of this is that no one is talking about the cause and effect.

Why did they [refugees] flee? It couldn’t be because of President Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace of crap prize winner, decided that [Muammar] Gaddafi has to go – along with NATO and other countries. They are the ones that caused this crisis. You have these little billionaires with bad attitudes and a lot of money playing in their billionaires’ club. Let’s play! And it is according to the New York Times, one of the most notable performances of this charade.

In March 2011, the first wave of a human tsunami washed ashore, tens of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing North Africa and the Middle East made landfall in the nearest Italian port. By mid-April, the United Nations reported that more than a half a million people had fled Libya in the preceding two months and that the pace of the exodus was picking up. - Trends Journal, Spring 2011

RT:The game has reportedly been held since 2009. Why for so long?

GC: Sociopaths and psychopaths never feel ashamed and are never sorry for what they do. Remember, a lot of these are bankers. So for all those people in the world who has lost their houses because of dirty deeds and lies, or “misdeeds,” as the white shoe boys like to call them. There is no regret.

Let’s just look at the facts. Six banks, and again these are the money people over in Davos, were convicted of felonies for rigging the Libor rates, the interest rates, and the Forex markets – those are the exchange markets, the currency markets, that traded $5.3 trillion a day. Six convicted of felonies. Did any of them go to jail? Do any of them give any time in paying for their penalties? Nothing. So that is what we have. A neo-feudal society. These are the economic elite and the political nobility feeling bad by crawling on the floor and playing refugee at the camp for billionaires.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.