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28 May, 2016 13:58

'US Cold War theory: Russia not allowed have influence in Europe’

'US Cold War theory: Russia not allowed have influence in Europe’

By placing missiles in Eastern Europe the US sends a signal that Russia as well as China can’t have a sphere of influence in the region, says political commentator Lawrence Davidson. The only ones who can have power are Washington and its proxies, he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday during his visit to Athens. At a joint press conference the Russian leader warned that the US anti-missile defense system in Europe risks the entire region's safety. Rockets with a 500-kilometer range are being positioned in Romanian Deveselu now.

RT: The US insists its anti-missile defense system in Europe is not targeting Russia. What's your view on this? 

Lawrence Davidson: Well, you might ask them who it is targeting. Obviously this placement of missiles in Eastern Europe sends a message to Russia. And the message is: “Look, you are not allowed to have a sphere of influence.” Indeed the Chinese aren’t allowed either. The only one who can really have a sphere of influence is the Americans and their proxies in Europe. This is essentially a Cold War theory of containment brought into the 21st century. So the whole notion that these missiles aren't targeted towards Russia is just baloney. Who else are they be aiming at? The Scandinavians?

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RT: President Putin said the US could place long-range missiles in Romania, which could be done without Romania's knowledge. Do you think America is likely to do this?

LD: I don’t know, it depends upon who is in charge in Washington. In fact, there is a precedent for this. You have the history of missiles in Turkey, and those missiles were interchangeable in many ways, as well. I believe, at that time they were intermediate-range [ballistic] missiles, but there is no reason why you can’t upgrade the status of these missiles. I think that the Russian government has every reason to be concerned. The hypocrisy of all this is to be noted. What would happen if Russia had given intermediate or long-range missiles to the Venezuelans? Washington would go, pardon the pun, ballistic. Essentially we’ve got an opportunistic potentially neo-conservative war party in Washington particularly among the republicans – they are putting pressure on Obama and the Democrats. Probably Hillary Clinton has given her OK to this move, and it is a dangerous one.

RT: Putin said that Romania could be in the crosshairs if the US decides to place long-range missiles there. Should Romania be worried? 

LD: I would. In fact I think they are already in the crosshairs. What is the Russian response to be? They are going to have to move their own missiles into proximate areas to the eastern border, particularly Romania. You could always replicate the Warsaw Pact strategy – just put 10,000 tanks on the Romanian border, or something like that. Romania by soliciting this move has become a magnet, and Poland, too. You can’t have these kinds of arms in armory in your country and not be in the crosshairs.  It is just the logic of the situation.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.