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13 Apr, 2016 12:14

‘Democracy Spring is a Soros-funded, anti-Trump radical movement’

‘Democracy Spring is a Soros-funded, anti-Trump radical movement’

Americans, at least the enlightened ones, know that the system is rigged. The people of America have every right to be angry because big money dominates politics, Christopher Greene from alternative GreeneWave TV, told RT.

RT: What's the key driver of this public anger we're seeing in the US capital?

Christopher Greene: George Soros, primarily. It is important to note that ‘Democracy Spring’ is an anti-Donald Trump radical organization. And what I mean by that – we have to deconstruct again who is behind this radical ‘Democracy Spring’ movement. You just have to do a basic internet search to know that George Soros, the billionaire, funds groups like MoveOn.org, also organizations like the Institute for Policy Studies and Demos that fund these radical events in Washington DC. So there’s certainly an organic element here, there’s anger. We see this as a part of ‘American Politics Today’. It’s one of the reasons Donald Trump and people like Bernie Sanders - outsiders - are so popular. But it is a little bit ironic here as well because a billionaire is behind the funding of this campaign. And aren’t the people on the ground being arrested now supposed to be against billionaires funding money in politics? So really what this is, in my opinion, it’s social engineering. This is social chaos instituted by the likes of billionaires like George Soros. And again this is anti-Donald Trump. We saw the same thing with the violence and a rally having to be cancelled at the University of Illinois and Chicago not too long ago. So, we need to ask that question first: who is behind this? 

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RT: What are the chances that any of the protesters demands will be met?

CG: No, I don’t think so. I think most Americans, at least the enlightened ones, know that the system is rigged. And that’s the organic element here is that the people of America have every right to be angry because big money dominates politics. And that is and what makes up the oligarchical system and the demagoguery that is the US today. It is also important to note that America is a “constitutional republic”. It is a representative government. That’s how our founding fathers founded this great nation and many Americans shed blood so we could have very little freedom here in the US. So, no. I don’t think that big money is going to get out of politics at all. I think that the election has already been decided if we are looking at 2016 here.
The global elites, people like George Soros who contributes $6 million plus to super PACs supporting people like Hillary Clinton. So, big money is certainly not getting out of politics. The system is rigged here in the US. Just like Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends… talking about how there was no vote in Colorado. There was no primary vote – so Ted Cruz stole - even though it is legal - all the delegates in Colorado. Does that sound like a democracy to you? So the people on the ground - and I noticed that one of your reporters had also been arrested - they are right when it comes to that. And the American people should be angered, but we should be shining a giant spotlight on the real criminals - people like Hillary Clinton, people like Barack Obama – these are the enemies.

RT: The Occupy movement still exists, although it's not as big as it once was. Will Democracy Spring take further hold?

CG: I think so. We’ve known that this was going to be coming for months now. It is not a surprise. I’ve been following the story. It is interesting to note that CNN barely has a headline on this right now. So, thank you RT for actually shedding light on this. But also it is interesting if we just look at the semantics calling it ‘Democracy Spring’. Of course, anyone enlightened knows that CIA here in the US, the US and our allies organized and engineered covertly and was a large part of what we saw with the Arab Spring protests not long ago, toppling governments in countries like Egypt with revolution… The ouster and indirect murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi – all of that engineered by the West, the US. Again, not that there’s organic qualities and not that these leaders like Muammar Gaddafi weren’t despots or horrible dictatorial figures, but we know who is really behind this. Just like we see a ‘Democracy Spring’ movement here in the US today, which is backed by George Soros.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.